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View Poll Results: Which C= job would you apply for?
CATS 2 5.13%
Sales 0 0%
Senior executive post 4 10.26%
Tea boy/girl 7 17.95%
Engineering 2 5.13%
Propaganda department with Mr. Medhi Ali 2 5.13%
Reception desk 0 0%
Security (involves killing Atari spies who try to break in) 4 10.26%
Software development 4 10.26%
Fabrication 0 0%
Commodore Flag putter upperer 4 10.26%
Commodore Garden 0 0%
Distribution 0 0%
Marketing 12 30.77%
Quality Control 3 7.69%
Assembly plant 2 5.13%
Warehouse (how many Amiga 500's can you stack in one go?) 2 5.13%
Design department 4 10.26%
Private Assistant 1 2.56%
Manual writer/translator 4 10.26%
Multiple Choice Poll. Voters: 39. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 22 February 2010, 23:30   #1
Stuck in the 80s

Paul_s's Avatar
Join Date: Nov 2006
Location: Amigaville
Age: 40
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Happy Which job would you apply for in the 1980's/90's with the big C=?

Poll to follow!
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Old 22 February 2010, 23:53   #2
Miggy Ate My Hamster!
PowerPie5000's Avatar
Join Date: Nov 2008
Location: Blackpool, UK
Posts: 1,561
Well i chose engineering as that's what i'm qualified for

I suppose i could do quality control too as i'm a bit of a perfectionist! (you will never see capacitors soldered in the wrong way around with me on the job )
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Old 22 February 2010, 23:57   #3
The Sacred Armour Of
Antiriad's Avatar
Join Date: Aug 2002
Location: Sussex, UK
Age: 39
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Marketing as even I could have done a better job than the dimwits they used back in the day!!!
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Old 23 February 2010, 00:20   #4
Lesser Talent
killergorilla's Avatar
Join Date: Jan 2003
Location: UK
Age: 37
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Was gonna vote but Antiriad stole my line!
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Old 23 February 2010, 00:23   #5
Miggy Ate My Hamster!
PowerPie5000's Avatar
Join Date: Nov 2008
Location: Blackpool, UK
Posts: 1,561
How about security armed with an A500 power brick on a stick
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Old 23 February 2010, 00:30   #6
. . Mouse . .
Charlie's Avatar
Join Date: Jun 2005
Location: Nowhere
Age: 50
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CEO for me...
...even if I made a complete and utter horlicks of it C= would still have been in better shape under my command.

Hey, rather than the famous 'Jack attacks' there could have been 'Charlie Mouse attacks' possibly involving me showing off my marvellous mechanical mouse organ...
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Old 23 February 2010, 02:16   #7
Dan Locke
Registered User
Dan Locke's Avatar
Join Date: Oct 2009
Location: USA
Posts: 111
I would have voted for "Senior Executive Post", but I didn't notice it (I just skimmed through the list looking for "CEO") and ended up picking Marketing instead.

But, really, even a kid like me with no experience to speak of would have done a better job at either. The Amiga would have actually been marketed in the US, and the Ranger/AAA/Hombre Amigas would have been put into production.
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Old 23 February 2010, 10:30   #8
cheeky scoundrel
gimbal's Avatar
Join Date: Nov 2004
Location: Spijkenisse/Netherlands
Age: 37
Posts: 3,092
definitely security. Killing them Ataritarts... woosh!
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Old 23 February 2010, 11:04   #9
Registered User
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Location: CLI
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Quality control. I know when to use the hammer!
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Old 24 February 2010, 00:24   #10
Photon's Avatar
Join Date: Nov 2004
Location: Hult / Sweden
Posts: 4,591
Hah, great post Paul.

I figured what they failed to do was to go from "Business is war" to a real #$^& war!

So I figured I'd put up the glorious flag of the Commodore Party, wipe out the enemy (I hope torturing spies is part of the job description!), and some good old fashioned propaganda to wash the brains remains of the huddled masses that fail to realize the SIGNIFICANCE of our beliefs.

I would never want to be Senior Exec, cos let's face it, who could ever replace the God-like greatness of our glorious Leader, Mr. Wotsits. For you see, I am humbled by the mere thought of his awesomeness.

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Old 24 February 2010, 11:37   #11
Jope's Avatar
Join Date: Jul 2003
Location: Helsinki / Finland
Age: 38
Posts: 6,915
I'd be in CATS.
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Old 24 February 2010, 12:10   #12
no c= no fun
xc8's Avatar
Join Date: Jun 2008
Location: Birmingham
Posts: 233
Assembly plant !! :-)'''

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Old 24 February 2010, 13:24   #13
Registered User

TCD's Avatar
Join Date: Sep 2006
Location: Germany
Age: 40
Posts: 24,012
Commodore Flag putter upperer, what else?
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Old 24 February 2010, 13:51   #14
Graham Humphrey
Graham Humphrey's Avatar
Join Date: Jul 2004
Location: Norwich, Norfolk, UK
Age: 32
Posts: 11,047
I can make a mean cup of tea so that's my role sorted...
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Old 25 February 2010, 00:13   #15
... aka Amix73

Herpes's Avatar
Join Date: Jan 2009
Location: Austria
Posts: 76
Definitely Senior executive - to execute all seniors who f***ed up this company
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Old 25 February 2010, 01:37   #16

Djay's Avatar
Join Date: May 2001
Location: Founders System
Age: 42
Posts: 3,089
Send a message via MSN to Djay
i would of made Commodore sign up developers/publishers to make exclusives, also as their market was more like a console market than the PC market (ie single hardware producer) like Apple today (Apple have successfully gone for specialist market and made their computer look and feel better than your average PC)

publisher licensing fees may of been used to further fund research and developed rather than replying on just computer sales... even to point of releasing hardware addons

switching to a tower format might have also helped, the ability to add hardware
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Old 25 February 2010, 12:39   #17
Alien Breeder
Reynolds's Avatar
Join Date: Dec 2007
Location: Szigetszentmiklos / Hungary
Age: 41
Posts: 546
I've selected Warehousing. Just to know how many Amiga 4000T/3000T/3000+/ultra rare hyper special "only Amiga" stuffs to rescue during the bankruptcy
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Old 01 March 2010, 22:16   #18
Registered User
copperkid's Avatar
Join Date: Feb 2010
Location: Germany
Posts: 30
Engineering, those were The days!
...when I read "On the edge" I had tears all book long

btw, my first post: great site guys
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Old 10 March 2010, 23:52   #19
Join Date: Jul 2009
Location: *
Posts: 567
Design department definitely, they wouldn't have gone out of business if I had had my way
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