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Keep or Get Rid?

First of all, this isnt a For Sale thread.

Ive got a few pieces of retro hardware at home. TBH, I think I purchased too much! I dont really use them as much as I thought I would.

Ive got an A4000 and A1200 that Im pretty happy with. I use the A4000 mainly. Ive also got a second A4000 and an A600. TBH, I dont think I'll ever use these. Ive justified it to myself that its good to keep the A4000 around as spare parts, but I figure if the A4000 dies, I can always fall back on the A1200. And if the A1200 dies, theres always WinUAE!

I know that a lot of people are passionate about their classic hardware here, just trying to be pragmatic. What would you do? Be honest, if you have multiple Amigas, how often do you use them all? What do you use them all for?
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uber cool demi god

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I have 2 A1200s and 2 A500s with various upgrades and very very rarely use them but would never get rid of 'em unless it was a favour to someone else.

I hope to use them in the future when I get a 5 bedroom house
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Professional slacker!
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I really comes down to th individual, if you think you have too much stuff then you should let something go, the A4000 abd A600(if its NTSC) will be very saught after in the US so you'll have no problem selling them.

You could check out Amibay where there are people registered looking for these very items.

I have a pretty large selection of Amiga's and I'm using them all at least once a week, I've really enjoyed the project side of things and upgrading them so thats why I have so many now.

I certainly don't need anymore so its just a case of consolidating what I have now, with little mods here and there

All the best whatever you decide.

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Nice collection, always wanted an A4000, couldn't afford it then and cant now either

I think keeping the A4000 as a spare parts machine is pretty good justification. I keep an old a1200 mobo, a few floppy drives and various salvaged components around as a kind of emergency crash cart if my miggy dies.

Then again if you think it's getting too big they would have a happy home here


to actually answer your question I just have the 1 a1200 and it gets used on a daily basis, ether pro-tracker, games or me just tweaking the settings. I'm currently trying to see how modern I can make my Workbench look with the standard hardware. Personally I don't think I could ever sell the miggy and if I did I would probably get dragged back to ebay by nostalgia in a few months - Amiga is a bug and we've all been bitten, this is the curse we carry

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I have an A1200 which I use almost everyday and continue to buy upgrades for... I also have an A600 which I use rarely, it has a hd and I consider it a back up.

If you don't need the money and have the space, keep out your A4000 and A1200, put the doubles away (dismantle and wrap, remove batteries too)...

They wont devalue as long as they are kept working!

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Keep them unless as you say you can do someone a favor, like selling them to someone who will use them.
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Hello , i had an A500 and an A600 , i sold them and bought a Minimig which i use really much for games , but i'm tempted to buy again an Amiga (A1200),just because it's the real thing ,so if you don't need money keep them or you'll regret them...
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Stuck in the 80s

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The Bogeyman only comes out at night if you sell an Amiga...
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Originally Posted by Paul_s View Post
The Bogeyman only comes out at night if you sell an Amiga...
Ya see... I made up a load of rubbish to avoid this... Now your gonna scare the poor fellow!!
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Nothing to with a scare. The boogeyman is real. Also, his soul will go to escrow.

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lol keep em. i have 5 x A500's, 1 x a600, and 2 x A1200's... oh and 8 c64's
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