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Question Hi guys! I'm new round here


I will be getting my Amiga 1200 tomorrow! Although I already have a powerful PC and a Playstation 2, I yearn for my old Amiga 500 and the nice games I played when I was younger.

I have a couple of questions for you. Have you ever heard or played a game called "PlayerManager 2 AGP Extra time"? Is it like Kick-off playermanager?? Frankly, I have yet to find a single football management which could beat that old Amiga game. I'm asking because PlayerManager 2 was created by Anco as well.

Do you recommend any strategy or role-playing games on the Amiga ? Games where I can either build up stats and develop heroes? Or games where I can raise armies and lead them to glory on the field of battle ? Any good football games you recommend too ? Any space conquest games ?

Thank you!
Kind Regards
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I use to play eye of the beholder 1 and 2 on the amiga and thay were better than the pc version's.
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Football games, Sensible Soccer, of course, though you will see a lot of replies with people talking about Kick Off 2 (hello Riempie )

War Strategy, I'd go for something like.. hmm.. Fields of Glory? Or Powermonger. You could also try Dune 2 if you like the Command &Conquer type of games (this game is the precursor fo them all). I'd also recommend Syndicate.

I have never been a savvy RPG fan, but I liked Darkmere, and if you like console-type RPGs (Zelda stuff I'm talking about), get Speris Legacy.

Space conquest, I dont know. Perhaps UFO?
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I remember playin heroes of might and magic on a friends 1200 and that was always fun........I loved " Meglo-Mania" (sp) as a build a civilization and destroy your enemy game......cant find the adf though.......peace
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There is a really good footie manager Public domain floating around called Soccer Rivals. I think its at back2roots.org and i started playing it last week and im already on season 51 LOL! I suggest you give it a try.

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