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How to create AMIX packages

So I've been trying to compile various gnu tools in AMIX 2.1p2a thanks to Failure's updated gcc and wanted to install them as proper packages. AMIX provides tools to do this, notably pkgmk and pkgproto. Here's how to do it using gzip as an example:

1. create the directory that the gzip package is going to install into prior to becoming a package. I use /home/pkg for this, so I do a

mkdir -p /home/pkg/gzip
. You can call this whatever you want of course.
2. Next, gunzip and untar your source package somewhere logical, like /home/installs . You now have /home/installs/gzip-1.24 if you took version 1.24.

3. configure and compile it like this:

cd /home/installs/gzip-1.24
./configure --prefix=/home/pkg/gzip/usr --build=m68k-cbm-sysv4
make install
4. Now you need to create a prototype file for pkgmk. Do it this way:

cd /home/pkg/gzip
pkgproto /home/pkg/gzip/usr=/opt/amixbp/ > prototype
Next you edit it with vi and add :

d none /opt 0755 root root
i pkginfo=/home/pkg/gzip/gzip.pkginfo
then save it.

5. Create a /home/pkg/gzip/gzip.pkginfo file vi that contains this:

NAME="gnu gzip"
CATEGORY="archive tools"
6. Run pkgmk in the /home/pkg/gzip dir. It will create a pkg directory for gzip in /var/spool/pkg/.

7. You can now run pkgadd gzip and it will automagically install to /opt/amixbp. Obviously to use it you need /opt/amixbp/bin in your PATH but you already did that to get a new gcc didn't you?

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