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Can't print with Amiga Forever 7

I did a complete install of AF 7 Premium off the CD into the default directories. Right after the installation finished I did the following:

-Made sure my printer was selected in Tools/Options/Emulation.
-Right clicked to Edit the Workbench 3.X system setup to make sure the parallel device was set to EpsonQ emulation.
-Right clicked to play Workbench 3.x.
-In the Amiga emulation, checked Devs to make sure the EpsonQ printer was there, and Prefs/Printer to make sure it was the selected printer.
-Opened TurboText, typed a sentence and right-selected Project/Print.
-Got back a message that says "Printer Trouble, Check printer and paper" (there is no problem with the physical printer).
-Click Cancel to get the message "Print error, Error 1".

Has anyone else had success using the EpsonQ or PostScript emulated printers?

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Since there have been no replies to this thread, I am assuming that no one has been able to print using AF 7.

After some more experimentation, I believe the problem is that AF 7 is not configuring WinUAE correctly.

I verified this by first playing an Amiga system setup directly using AF 7, and observing that printing failed as before. I then selected Tools/Options/Emulation/Plugins/Launch from menu, fired up WinUAE directly using Tools/Launch Plugin/WinUAE, and configured the WinUAE emulation with the same parameters that I had used in AF 7 (particularly the Epson printer emulation). I then ran the system under WinUAE, and printing from the emulated Amiga worked as I had expected it to.

I hope that Cloanto fixes this in a patch soon. I would prefer not to have to mess around with WinUAE after buying AF.
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Originally Posted by kjancaitis View Post
Since there have been no replies to this thread, I am assuming that no one has been able to print using AF 7.
Maybe most people don't bother using Amiga Forever "bloatware" but instead use the awesome emulator behind it directly i.e. WinUAE
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