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shooters inspired by old arcade games

There's a PsOne game (also on the Saturn) - I know I should say PSP to please youngsters, but hey, I had to give up namin' em PSX not so long ago- port of a somewhat obscure coin-up shooter you might want to look at, if you like this kind of game : Tempest X3

It's provided with 100+ levels of weird digital insects blasting, and even features a trippy mode .

Can you think of some more console shooters (on the Playstation, the Amiga CD32...) , whom authors were obviously inspired by old (if not primitive) arcade games ?

Examples ? Deluxe Galaga, Datastorm...
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On top of my head for the 5 minutes I've I'll say :

Llamatron inspired by Robotron
Hybris => Terra Cresta
Dropzone => Defender
Katakis/Denaris =>R-Type
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Lemon Curry ?

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Stardust => Asteroids
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Old 11 August 2008, 00:10   #4
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R-Type Delta & Space Invaders. Which also happen to be the only good GayStation games ever released AFAIK.
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mega typhoon = raiden rip off
still pissed raiden was never completed for the amiga
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He found it at the zoo..
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Lame ST Ports = Space Invaders. Great intro from Dogs of War by Pink Floyd, and bas riff from Another One Bites the Dust by Queen... classic!
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Menace appears to me a better / more diversified R-Type clone than Katakis.

I remember a friend attempted to have me play Nemesis on the MSX, which was an OK shooter too, with a nice power-up system.

Tubular worlds, X-out and Wings of Death are all late yet pleasant discoveries.
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Just for completeness : Tempest 2000 is remake/enhanced version of the coin-up classic for the Atari Jaguar. That is the reason why the PSOne/PSX game is called 'X3'.
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That's right.
I choose to present the PSX port of X3 since it's supposed to be Jaguar's Tempest most faithful one.
As for the coin-op, classic it is, Galaga or Asteroids, it ain't. Try it, if you dare !
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