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Beyond Mutton
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Love Dungeon Full Source Code

My life is falling apart (don't ask!) and I wanted to get this out there in case I don't get another chance!

Link removed. Contains Kickstart roms - BippyM

Its all self contained with emulator, assembler, linker, the lot. ( FOR WINDOWS!)

Just run the build.bat file to build it all and run.

Its a total mess and is not a source release I am really proud of, just thought I would put it out there in case anyone fancies a look, hope its of use to someone.

I don't have time to strip all the crap out of the folders, so there will probably be a lot of stuff in there that isn't used at all, sorry about that.

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Old 04 February 2015, 09:44   #2
Fernando Cabrera

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Thanks for the sources, I will have a look at them... and at the game! I haven't tried it yet.
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Old 04 February 2015, 09:59   #3
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@nandius c

Its surprisingly good game. I especially noticed afterwards how good it actually is, that it keeps coming to my mind, not daily, but couple of times a week anyway all the time, even its been sometime i played it and I didnt even play it that much. I did play more than free games usually, but its still only total of couple of hours (that is including watching my daughter to play it) and not days like some old gems i used to.

But something in that game just keep coming back to your mind.
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AMOS Extensions Developer
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Thanks for the source. I hope your life starts coming together again.
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Link to file removed due to the archive containing Kickstart roms..

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AMOS Extensions Developer
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If anyone wants the source (minus Kickstart roms) just give me a shout.
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