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Originally Posted by elessar84 View Post
Thanks to this version works properly. Whdload I give away, maybe it's my fault and I miss something in the system.
No problem

...though I should really update this and add in the CPTrainer.

Only problem being that I'll need to make the .HDF self-booting / not load WB to save memory as per notes:

           ********************* IMPORTANT *************************
           You cannot start this trainer from workbench because 
           Capital Punishment needs all your memory!! So, do
           something like this:

           1. Reset your computer and hold down both mousebuttons.
           2. Now click on the right button called "boot with no
           3. Now type in "CD [gamepath]" without quotes of course.
              E.Q. "CD dh2:games/capital"
           4. Now type in "Execute trainer". The trainer will start

           ********************* IMPORTANT *************************  

 If this was succesfully, a nice GUI appears. Here you can select the
 level and fighter you wanna play. 

 Important fighter information: If you select an other fighter as
                                Corben Wedge (default fighter). You
                                MUST select in the fighter menu
                                (where you see the big pictures of
                                all 4 fighters) the first one. In 
                                this case Corben Wedge. If you select
                                an other like Sarmon, Wakantanka or 
                                Demona, the trainer will not work !!

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...after playing around last night, now I know why I didn't add in the CPTrainer.

Basically I can get it loaded, select options but after clicking "Start" nothing happens i.e. the game doesn't launch:

Makes no difference if not booting into WB and following the process detailed in the ********************* IMPORTANT *************************.
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