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Some questions from a newbier

I have found an old code for a starfield I'm trying to learn a bit from.

The problem is that it's made for the A500 I think and won't run on my A1200 without some adjustments.

The 1st line shows an error when assembling the code.

move.w #$4000,$dff09a

Could someone explain why I can't compile this line with ASM Pro on my A1200?

Maybe the registers are different on an A1200.

What should I replace this string with and why?


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The code is correct. Probably (you did not write the error message ) the move.w is attached to the left margin and the AsmPro interpret this as a label name. Try putting a space or a tab before the instruction, or in the preferences select "Label:".

Moreover the AsmPro has the syntax highlight function so the Label and the instruction have different color in the editor (IIRC blue for labels and black for instructions).

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Thanks Fabio. It was the problem. Back to studying

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