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Only 4 ways to score in Sensible Soccer?

Are there only four ways to score in Sensible Soccer:

Shoot straight ahead on the left side or right side of the goal

Shoot diagonally from the corner of the D

Shoot diagonally from just after half way from either side of the field

Goalie stuffs up and shoot from a goalie rebound
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Truth seeker...
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There are loads of ways to score. Are we including SWOS in this? If so there are all manner of curling and swerving shots that you can perform. You can also score headers from corners and crosses.
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actually there are many more ways, I often dribble the goalie, I cross in the goal area and score sliding, I shoot with effect when I am "in line" with the post and so on...

one more method is to run along the horizontal line of the penalty area and shoot with effect to the far post (see the drawing )

|   |  '      '  |   |
|   |________/___|   |
|          /         |
|* --->  /           |
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It depends on what version of Sensible you are playing. With each new version of SWOS is harder to score goals.
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Make a straight shot that is just going wide, then curl it inside the near post (easiest goal IMO).

Shoot from the edge of the penalty area when the striker is slightly to one side of the keeper, then curl the shot so that it ends up to the other side of the keeper (doesn't need a huge amount of curl), this usually works when there is a defender near the goalkeeper.

Make a diagonal shot from out wide that would go straight to the keeper, then curl it into the far corner.

When playing 4-3-3, make a diagonal shot that is going slightly wide, then try to get one of the other strikers onto the end of it as if it was a pass, they can tap it into the empty net. The keeper usually won't move because he thinks it's going wide!
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Generally, how you have described is the way I mostly scored goals. That, and from set pieces from a corner (headers, etc). I have even scored a few times directly from the corner spot.
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I usually find that the computer wins most penalty shootouts. The main strikers almost always score their penalties (in regular play and shootouts), but one of the others further down the list always seems to have their's saved, while the computer scores all of their penalties. Is there any knack to this or does the game just favour itself over the player?
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