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Empire: Wargame of the Century
Universal Military Simulator
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Originally Posted by NovaCoder View Post

Yep I thought 1280*200 at 256 colours will take some beating on AGA!
Do you have this version near?
I think on V4 it would be playable
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Originally Posted by arti View Post
Do you have this version near?
I think on V4 it would be playable
It's the release version on aminet
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Great stuff gents! Keep them coming!!

Originally Posted by Master484 View Post
Also some games have hi-res "status panels" that display stuff like score and lives, even if the actual game screen is lo-res. Agony, Apidya and Overkill use this technique.

And also intro and logo screens in many games are hi-res, even if the games are lo-res. Some Team 17 and Psygnosis games show the company logo in hi-res, and this is quite common in many other games too. For example Factor 5 logo in Turrican 3 uses 640*256 and Banshee has a 640*512 loading screen.
You touch upon an interesting point for HOL interpretation here. I think it's interesting to mention games that use hires graphics in the intros/outros, titlescreens, dev/publisher logo screens etc. in this thread. If the use is noteworthy in these circumstances, we'll mention it in the notes section of HOL entries....BUT games will only be tagged as hires in HOL if hires graphics are used *in-game*.

We've used the same logic for games that have been tagged as using HAM, EHB, overscan etc. too. It just seems a little OTT to tag a game as hires, HAM etc. if only relatively minor/peripheral use of it is made for a game (i.e. titlescreens etc.) and the same type of graphics are not actually being used in the game itself (see, for example, Street War - HAM titlescreen, but very ho-hum lores graphics are used in-game! ).

Originally Posted by demoniac View Post
Dragon's Lair
IIRC, that's an example of a game that uses lores overscan (PAL/NTSC) mode rather than hires/hires interlaced screenmodes.

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Originally Posted by DrBong View Post
IIRC, that's an example of a game that uses lores overscan (PAL/NTSC) mode rather than hires/hires interlaced screenmodes.
Actually, you can play Dragon's Lair in hires/interlaced. I forget which key you have to press, but you can switch to that mode in the game.

It does default to lowres though.
Edit: found it. Check here: http://www.lemonamiga.com/games/docs.php?id=515 - pressing H switches between hires/laced and lowres/nonlaced
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@demoniac, roondar
Cool, I'll have to remember to add two tags to Dragon's Lair's HOL entry!!

EDIT: Geez, what a lame implementation of hires for Dragon's Lair - all audio cuts out!!! No wonder I haven't seen anyone mention it before. Definitely something to mention in the notes of the HOL entry! Interestingly, the game has support for interlace mode also. From the game manual:

H – Switch High Resolution mode on and off. ln High Resolution mode, the picture is condensed and centered in the middle of the screen. To see your Amiga reach new heights of graphic excellence, switch to this mode! Audio is disabled while high resolution mode is active.

I – Toggle interlace mode on/off. Interlace mode will double the number of lines displayed on your monitor thus eliminating scan lines and improving image quality. This may, however, cause flicker on some monitors.

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- Another World (at least can be changed to hires)
- Grand Slam (tennis game!!!)
- Strip Poker 3, - Klondike Deluxe (all 3 think) - and many other card games too...

-Labyrinth of Time (CDTV/CD32)
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I do remember this Public Domain version of Missile Command that was high-res, was great fun to play back in the day, sampled explosions and all.

[ Show youtube player ]

Details in the comments.

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Solo Kazuki
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Legacy is possible to run in Hi-Res (even on AGA).
[ Show youtube player ]

Strip Fighter is Hi-Res only game.
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