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Building a joystick extension cable

Hi everyone.

If I wanted to build a joystick port extension (eg. I assume this on eBay does just that: https://www.ebay.com/itm/2x-Cable-fo...4/232027150606), is it as simple as buying a DB9 Male, DB9 Female and soldering a wire from each pin to its corresponding pin? (1 to 1, 2 to 2, up to 9). I wouldn't need any resistors or anything like that? I'd want to use it on my Amiga's and C64's.

Does anyone know the limit to how long the cable can be? At some point down the wire, the signal will eventually die.

And finally, I'm new to electronics so I'd like to know if there's any differences in wires that I buy. Can I buy any wire, solder it and be done? Or should I be looking for specific types that are somehow better quality?

Thanks for any help
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Fo your consideration:
Usable lenght of DIY cable depends on wire core diameter, but I would say 5m is easily possible even with thinnest core available.

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Yep, there are various extensions already available, commonly sold as Sega Megadrive extensions, that will work just as well on the Amiga and C64. As for length, it does indeed depend on the core size in theory, but in reality the signalling is very simple, has lots of headroom and carries very little current so some serious lengths should be possible.

Personally I've had no problems running joystick inputs over 15 metres of standard ribbon cable. What sort of lengths were you thinking of? Most cables will include their resistance per metre, so it would be possible to calculate the length where you might start having problems.
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I'm not looking for anything super long. Just something from the TV to my couch. Building this cable as an exercise which is why I'm trying to avoid buying a premade one.

Thanks fellas!
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You can just contact the wires one on one. Tipp: use well fitting heat-shrink-tube for the single wires and the whole cable and you will like it a lot more. Thumbs up for DIY!
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