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A4000+ Alice motherboard DIY

Let me introduce you to the A4000+ Alice rev1 motherboard.
A4000+ motherboard is based on the Amiga 4000cr motherboard designed by Commodore.

I have been thinking for a while to do some Amiga hardware and decided to start with a relatively easy but laborious task, an Amiga 4000cr motherboard.
I didn't have a blank A4000cr motherboard PCB nor any high-resolution pictures of a blank PCB, so I had to layout the A4000+ PCB completely manually.
I used a fully working A4000cr motherboard as a reference.

The PCB dimensions and all component locations, hole locations, hole diameters, solder pad dimensions, component silkscreens, etc. of the A4000cr motherboard were manually measured and transferred to the PCB design software.
I draw the line at the PCB traces, those I didn't attempt to mimic from the original A4000cr board.
The PCB traces of the A4000+ were fully manually routed (which too ages).

The result is a quite close replica of the original A4000cr motherboard.

Here are a few pictures of the blank PCB.

A few pictures of the board being assembled.

Pictures of the finished board.

A4000+ motherboard being mounted in the Amiga 4000D case.

A4000+ motherboard fully working.

A screenshot of the designed PCB.

Link to the photo gallery:
A4000+ Alice motherboard

The next motherboard that I'm working on will be something completely different.
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Thalion Webshrine
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Good work. Very well done.

Do you intend to make any? Or open source your design?

I imagine that your NRE (the amount of money spent) is probably more than the cost of an A4000?

How many hours did it take to populate the board?

What is next for you? Improve on the design? Add an 060? Add an FPGA (The Apollo Core can be licensed)?
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Old 27 March 2018, 11:31   #3
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Excellent work, that looks amazing
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WOW nice work! damn. will you open? sell? etc.. you know that question will pop up
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Old 27 March 2018, 11:50   #5
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Amazing work !
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Old 27 March 2018, 11:52   #6
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Very nice work!
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Old 27 March 2018, 12:01   #7
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So, where can I buy a couple? :-)
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Old 27 March 2018, 12:15   #8
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Incredible! Will you make a batch to sell?
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Is the imgbox gallery dead?
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Old 27 March 2018, 12:23   #10
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Will you be selling the card?
Old 27 March 2018, 12:25   #11
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Holy smokes what an amazing feat. You wrote that you didn't copy the traces but rather routed the traces yourself. Did you encounter any problems with that? Any enhancements made?
Old 27 March 2018, 12:32   #12
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Awesome job! Please let me know if you are going to make a batch of those PCB's.

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Old 27 March 2018, 12:37   #13
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I do not Want. I NEED! (thinking of a batch of vartakilled boards I got at home)
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Old 27 March 2018, 12:47   #14
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Old 27 March 2018, 12:49   #15
move.l #$c0ff33,throat

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Awesome! If you ever sell these I'll definitely buy one or more.
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Old 27 March 2018, 12:51   #16
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Old 27 March 2018, 12:53   #17
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Awesome work. Far beyond me to even attempt any of that, but I had to log in just to express how fantastic this is.

And now imagine these in White or Red or some other colour. Personalised A4000 boards.
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Old 27 March 2018, 12:57   #18
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Amazing work!
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I've just gone fetched my hat, so I can take it off to you sir. That is quite some feat. Astonishing.

Well done! What's next
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Old 27 March 2018, 13:24   #20

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A wet dream!

Would love one.
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