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Name of file in cdrom

Hello all,

I have a problem that is driving me nuts.

I've decided to give a try to Linux 68k, just for fun. So I've cloned the Compact flash with my CW 3.9 on a spare CF, I've formatted my whdload partition for Linux and tried to run the script on the "red hat linux68k cdrom".

This asks if I want to use a kernel called "vmlinux-amiga-2.0.33pl11" or another one called "vmlinux-amiga-2.3.16". The problem is that both names are truncated on my OS 3.9 and for this reason I receive a "file not found" error.

In OS 3.9 I have "VMLINUX-AMIGA-2.0", "VMILINUX-AMIGA-2.000" and "VMLINUX-AMIGA-2.3". The second is probably a config file called "vmlinux-amiga-2.3.16.config".

I just burnt the ISO file with Nero but I also tried to create a disk using ISO9660 and/or rockridge but while on my PC (running Linux) I always read the names correctly, on my Amiga I always read the wrong names or I can't read anything.

I've installed 4xeide and then I switched to a FastATA so I probably made some mess installing those software and the CD filesystems.

In L: I have, among the others, the following filesystems that I think are related in some way to CDROM (maybe I am wrong): AllegroCDFS, CacheCDFS, cdfilesystem, cdrom-handler and crossdosfilesystem.

I have the same problem with others cdroms, I tried a few weeks ago a game and it had all the file names truncated as well.

Please, if someone could give me an hint (or the solution! ) it would be very appreciated!
Thanks in advance!

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Have a look at the CD0: DOS driver and see which filesystem it's using. It won't automatically pick the correct one if you have more than one installed. The cdfilesystem for one is quite old and probably doesn't support the Joliet long filename extensions that the image probably uses. CacheCDFS should work fine however. Also, check if you have more than one CD DOS driver installed to use the same device/unit. If you have more than one driver referencing the same device and unit, only one of them will work, and that may be the one that can't read the long filenames.
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Nearly the same as Daedalus but...

How is your Amiga CD drive mounted (check devs:dosdriver and storage:dosdriver)? Is the mountlist correct (each CD filesystem should have its own mountlist)? Make sure that the used CD filesystem supports the used CD format. If that is the case then long file names shown right on you PC should also shown right on your Amiga.

AllegroCDFS should also work with long filenames.
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Thanks for the hints, guys.

I finally solved this issue.

I've thought that with a fresh OS 3.9 installation I never had a similar problem so I copied DEVS:CD2 , L:AllegroCDFS and L:CDFileSystem from an old, clean OS 3.9 Installation in my DEVS: and L: folders and now the name of files are shown correctly.

That solved also another issue that was that audio CDs weren't automatically mounted when I inserted the CD but I had to open "songplayer" and click on cdrom icon.

Probably one of those files was corrupted or a version not compatible with the system or the hardware.

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