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[Request] Sensible Golf ?

any help getting these tiles and sprites would be awesome thanks
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Joe Maroni

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i hope this will help...

but this is not all...
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Name:	1.png
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Name:	2.png
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Name:	3.png
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Name:	4.png
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Johan Walfridso
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Please more!
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Old 17 June 2020, 23:57   #4
Hungry Horace
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Thread necromancy here, but is anyone able to work out the format/size for the Sensi Golf graphics?

Just like SWOS/Cannon Fodder etc, the files are RNC packed, which is easy enough to unpack, but SWOS uses raw interleaved files of (iirc 352x262 size) .... the Sensi Golf ones seem to be quite different sizes, and i cannot get them to load/convert at all!
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Hungry Horace
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I've managed to convert every .raw file for this game except one.

Every other one is a random mix of 4 bitplanes, and 5 bitplanes, and various sizes. (see attached pic).

My next plan is to automate the importing of the palettes from the various .pal files that go with them.

There is only one i cannot work out however, despite trying various options, and that is WOODPAT.RAW - fairly obviously this creates the wood pattern used in the menus.

I'd be very grateful if anyone who uses the 'traditional' route of gfx ripping (either maptapper or getting in the memory with ARIII or similar) could see if they can find this file and at least provide me an indication of the width/height (number of bitplanes used would be great too!), as this would probably be enough for me to get this completed.

I'll then upload a full set of IFFs that can be batch converted to PNG if desired.

Attached Thumbnails
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Name:	Screenshot 2020-07-03 at 23.29.20.png
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Maybe already solved. Here goes how to reconstruct with Maptapper anyway.

Load file, fill in boxes like picture so.
Address downward: $0,336,40,4,0,336,40,Amiga ILBM

Instead of guessing palette, boot game and await some wood grain. GUI debugger F9 have a look at color registers.
s 00000ccc0999 see if the first few colors exist elsewhere
Scanning.. 00000000 - 00400000 (Chip memory)
001B6E6E 001B6E8E 0025F616 0025F636 yes
S \pal 25f616 !64 Save 32 colors
Back to Maptapper, Palette>Load Palette From Binary File. Load pal

EDIT: I see now target is IFF. Maybe Blitz2 to ACBM is better.
DEFTYPE.b r,g,b
BitMap 0,336,40,4
For j=0 To 15 ;*** create palette
Read c
r=c/256 AND 15:g=c/16 AND 15:b=c AND 15
PalRGB 0,j,r,g,b
Next j
Data.w   $0000,$0ccc,$0999,$0655,$0003,$0002,$0fb4,$0d92
Data.w   $0a70,$0842,$0731,$0621,$0510,$0410,$0300,$0200

InitCopList 0,44,40,$4,8,16,0
DisplayAdjust 0,2,-8,0,-16,0
DisplayPalette 0,0
DisplayBitMap 0,0
CreateDisplay 0

bm=Peek.l (Addr BitMap(0)+8)
If ReadFile (0,"dh1:woodpat.raw") = True
FileInput 0
For j=0 To 39
  For i=0 To 3
    Poke$  bm+j*42+i*42*40,Left$(bx$,41)
    Poke.b  41+bm+j*42+i*42*40,Asc(Right$(bx$,1))
  Next i
Next j
CloseFile 0
SaveBitmap 0,"dh1:woodpat.iff",0

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