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Nvidia 8800GT support.


I tried to upgrade to the latest version (2.3.1) and found my graphics card was not compatable. I have an Nvidia GeForce 8800 GT card. The colours were all washed out and the red turned into brown. I restarted the application and a different error came up (as pictured below). The frame rate was also lagging, and the scroll was not smooth.

However, sometimes I could press F12 and OK and this coloring would go away and back to normal. Sometimes F12 and 'restart' would work.

I've now gone back to the much faster WinUAE 2.0.1 (for now..

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Curious... I also have a NVIDIA 8800 GT and not a single problem to date, or at least not related.

However, I'm currently using the same old driver I've been using since... I cannot remember... it proved to be the most stable and fast driver back in the day, although I admit I stopped trying a couple of years ago.

Anyways, I'm pretty sure you'll be requested to provide more details about your specifications so you can be helped properly. These are mine, not related to WinUAE, in case you find them helpful:

XFX NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GT
Driver ForceWare 186.18
DirectX v. (9.0c)

And don't forget to try some different NVIDIA Control Panel settings just for luck.
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Toni Wilen
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OS version would be nice to know too..

Anyway, it is obviously driver issue or you have some strange 3d mode settings set in nvidia control panel.

New versions by default use d3d, switch to directdraw in misc panel to "fix" it.
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Hi, thanks for the info guys. That DirectDraw solution did fix most of the problems, Toni, so thanks for that. However, for some strange reason the refresh rate is still slower (playing Vroom) on the latest version than the older 2.0.1. For example, the main menu selection screen (in Vroom, 2.3.1) seems slow and delayed, often requiring repeat presses to do anything. The game itself also seems 25% slower. Of course I could change this by changing the FPS, but as far as I know both sets of WinUAE are using the exact same settings. So how come one is slower than the other?

To illustrate this, take a look at this video I made today (the winUAE video grab was too slow, so I used Camtasia 6).

[ Show youtube player ]

You will notice that both cars are at 0 KPH on the first frame of the video. On the second frame, both cars are at 7 KPH and in full acceleration. By the third frame, the car on the left is at 22 KPH, the one on the right is at 21 KPH due to the time lag. The car's digital readout also displays the same KPH on both cars when they go under the pit-lane 'spanner' icon - 228 KPH; so the KPH does match the action (as it should); but even though the newer UAE source is smoother and less flickery, the older source is faster - almost a quarter of a lap faster! I did not crash the car, bump it, or even slow down in either demo to make it fair. I wonder how these compare to the speed of a real Amiga benchmark?

In this case:
A full 'undamaged' lap of Fuji in Vroom (2.0.1) takes 40 real seconds. (from a standing start) (tested twice)
A full 'undamaged' lap of Fuji in Vroom (2.3.1) takes 54 real seconds (from a standing start).

Also, I used to be able to press F12 and the windows key to go back to Windows, (e.g. to change the audio level) but now it just stays with WinUAE: I guess there is a new option somewhere.

Finally, while I'm here, if I run the program as an installed application it will look for the roms in the installed directory, while if I just run an uninstalled WinUAE it will look at the path where it was run from. I used to be able to select the paths as ..\Amiga Roms but this doesn't work after installation as it's looks at the default path only. You see, I wanted to have the full thing directly running (and preconfigured) from a flash drive so that I can simply plug the drive into any computer and have it running without having to reconfigure.


Nvidia 8800 GT
CRT monitor
Windows 7 Ultimate
q6600 CPU
3gig ram
Direct X v11.0
Graphics card forceware driver: 258.96
GFX core clock: 700mhz

BTW, can I just say how absolutely amazing it is to have WinUAE. I actually use it MORE than I use my xbox 360! Thank you so much!!!

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How do you like my driving, BTW?
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