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Old 02 July 2010, 13:38   #1
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Winuae 2.2.0 slow after nvidia driver update

Hi all,

I bang my head on wall since 2 week with this problem..

I use Winuae 2.2.0 to emulate Amiga in a Arcade Cab i build myself (picture below).

I have a Nvidia 7600GS and Windows XP SP2.
The Nvidia driver GeForce/ION Release 197 does not recognise my Hantarex screen (a CRT capable to display 800x600 31Khz image).
I have a black screen when i arrive to windows.

I upgrade the Nvidia drivers to the latest version available (Release 256) and was pleased to see that it solve my CRT problem.


When testing Amiga games, they are very slow.
In fact, it seem theyre is a problem with directX 3D
Vsync is activate and the game and sound slow down and speed up.

Since tow week, days and night, i try to reinstall winuae and test every nvidia drivers version and every Winuae settings without success.

I allways have the black screen pb with older version or slow winuae in recent driver version.

Does someone have experimented this kind of problem with recent nvidia drivers ?

Please help me to not go insane

ps : Sorry for my very approximative english.

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Old 02 July 2010, 14:03   #2
uber cool demi god

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Sorry for the slight off topic but I just had to say, very nice unit!!
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Old 02 July 2010, 14:26   #3
Toni Wilen
WinUAE developer
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I assume it works correctly in non-vsync modes? You sure drivers didn't simply lose 50Hz vsync mode and now they default to 60Hz?

Attach winuaebootlog.txt and winuaelog.txt (run winuae, load your configuration, tick logging checkbox in misc panel, start winuae, wait 10s or so, exit)
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Thanks Seuden !

I'm very proud of it but i will be totaly satisfied only when Winuae will work!

Play SpeedBall 2 on this 2 player cab is totaly adictive

Amiga keep a special place in my heart and i allway's have a real A1200 with a 32Go CF card
I can't figure that Winuae will not be in my cab.

Actually i have more than 6000 game inside the cab accross various emulators.
  • MAME
  • NeoGeo
  • Nes
  • Snes
  • SMS
  • Genesis
  • N64
  • AAE
  • Daphne
  • CPC6128 (crazy !)
  • Amiga

Comming soon
  • Fret's on fire
  • playstation
  • Atari
  • Dreamcast
But it's not a post on my cab !
I hope someone can help with my problem, i will be gratefull for the next decade

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Old 02 July 2010, 14:42   #5
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hi Tony,

I try approximatively all the setting...
vsync enable, disable, perfect blitter etc...

With vsync disable, the game comme out of sync and the sound "Scratch"
The only way i success to have a fluid game is use a "low resolution" and disable "double line" in screen setting, resulting in a small picture at the center of the screen.

I go back to older driver, games run fine in fullscreen hi res, double line... re-update the driver, winuae is no more able to run game in decent manner even after uninstall and reinstall winuae

I will get the log and post it this week, thanks to bring me some support
I'm near to drop my video card and buy another (but i'm not sure to not have the same pb with ne newer card).
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Old 03 July 2010, 15:58   #6
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background looks familiar. vigilante? renegade?
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Old 03 July 2010, 22:23   #7
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Hi, the Bezel is from Double Dragon II

I do the log, i join them in the post.

To precise, i use Winloader v1.72 to load WHD game.
Before upgrade the video driver, it work with no pb.
Now, the game is very slow... as i describe before.

Strange, when i use low res, the game is playable again.

If you can teach me something from the log, i will be gratefull
Attached Files
File Type: txt winuaelog.txt (21.7 KB, 139 views)
File Type: txt winuaebootlog.txt (11.1 KB, 155 views)

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Old 03 July 2010, 23:17   #8
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I solve my pb.

Before i upgrade my driver, i use Hires(normal) and Double Line Mode.
I use NO filter.

Now, to have the game running smooth, i have to use low res, Normal line mode and use filter to automatic resize ( null filter).

I'm really happy to be able to run Amiga perfectly on my cab !

Thanks everyone.
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Old 04 July 2010, 09:03   #9
Toni Wilen
WinUAE developer
Join Date: Aug 2001
Location: Hämeenlinna/Finland
Age: 45
Posts: 24,048
Nothing interesting in logs, unfortunately.

Disable vsync, enable on screen leds (or run in windowed mode). Does CPU% continuously go over 100% with new drivers?
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