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Originally Posted by Starglider 2 View Post
Can any such devices make HD ADFs?

Nope, but they are not really suited for creating adfs anyway. You should use transdisk or some other tool in workbench or shell and save the adfs to your hard drive.

Then naturally you will need to be able to use them, these hardware floppy emulators will not do high density, so you would install an image file driver to amigaos and read the contents when the os is running.
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Starglider 2
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I like this one: http://aminet.net/package/disk/misc/diskimage

It requires a bit of thought when installing, you should take a close look inside the different dosdrivers and install the ones you need, changing the names + ordering the unit numbers as you go.
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Old 25 February 2017, 23:35   #664
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Has anybody actually tried this IR mod?

I have followed all instructions but unable to get this sync'ed with the keychain remote... I'm stuck so any experience with this mod would be helpful as I've started to pull my hair out looking for what I have missed putting this all together

Originally Posted by Solo761 View Post
Dang, I had some buzzers I got with PC cases, who knows where they ended . Luckily I found some one ebay, 10 pcs for $2. At first I looked for "piezo speaker" and found only 5 pcs for $4-5.

My remote mod is finally finished, it took a long time for attiny's to arrive . Here's how it looks, Arduino is used only as 5V power supply

[ Show youtube player ]

And how it works inside A500, sensor is sensitive enough to work without "direct aim"

[ Show youtube player ]

Here's the schematic

And this is how it works:

Button push on gotek connects STM MCU pins PC7 (right button, counter up) or PC8 (left button, counter down) to GND. That's how it registers a click.

ATtiny receives signal from IR sensor on PB0 and depending on code received toggles it's PB1 (counter up) or PB2 (counter down) from high to low for short amount of time. This triggers STM pins PC7 and/or PC8 who and registers as a click.

LED that's connected to ATtiny's PB4 is used to signal when the remote is tuned. I'm using small universal remote that supports a lot of devices, it cycles through them when you press mute and when it gets to one that ATtiny recognizes it will use this LED to send signal so we know when to release the mute button. This only needs to be done once, when prepping new remote.

THere's a jumper connected to PB3, it's purpose is to separate two code sets at hardware level. ATtiny recognizes 4 code sets. If your TV turnes out to react to the same codes as ATtiny you can simply switch to next one and solve this issue. It wouldn't be nice if with ADF change you change TV channel . But it could be an issue the other way arround. ATtiny listens to all 4 code sets all the time. You could switch this mini remote to other set and solve interference with TV, but that wouldn't solve the other way around, ATtiny would react to TV remote. This jumper tries to solve that, it separates those 4 code sets to 2 and 2 on hardware level. If ATtiny reacts to TV remote simply put the jumper to those pins or remove it, what ever was at first, and it won't react to those codes anymore.

How it looks inside

Schematic is OK, but I have to rework PCB, this one works, but it could be better (read easier) to assemble. Mostly with capacitor that's under ATtiny. It's reeeeealy tight fit and that needs to be changed.
It works with either 5V or 3.3V power supply, STM MCU works at 3.3V but input pins are 5V tolerant so it shouldn't matter. At first I used 5V, then I tried 3.3V and it also worked fine. ATtiny runs at 8 MHz (interal oscillator) and that works with 3.3V, only case where 5V would be required is if it's run at 16 MHz (Internal PLL), that requires minimum of 4.3V. But it works fine at 8 MHz so that shouldn't be an issue. If anyone's interested I can upload eagle files and ATtiny hex and source.
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Feature Request:

I'd really love for a complete UI overhaul, I was mucking about with XTree Gold recently and it occurred to me that an 80 Column split screen view with SD Card on the Left and Floppy Queue on the Right (or even split top to bottom for improved file name visibility).

Across the Top or Bottom of the screen you could map out all the Function Keys for the various commands/functions and you could use the direction keys for navigating each panel with TAB to switch between panels.

IMHO it would make for a much more user friendly and simpler to manage HxC system.

Here's what XTG can look like so you get the idea:

and an older version:

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