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retro maniac

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Assassin & Assassin Special Edition

Both games are already WHDLoad but saving hiscore doesn't work correctly. In Assassin when I save highscore after running game hiscore are the same without my enter even I've saved with option available in game and loaded also with option in game besides it will be nice if hiscores will be loaded automatically after loading the game. In special edition loading and saving works but loading is not auto. Should be looks like in Project-X and Project-X SE. Anyone will fix this, please?

I now that Bored makes some updates to Mr. Larmer's slaves. Will do another ?
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Perhaps very trivial but thought I'd mention it here, rather than start a new thread...

Played Assassin Special Edition the other day, randomly decided to enter my name in the highscore as "MIDAN AGA", and then a message pops up in place of the name, along the lines of "silly fat barstard", or something like that, only stayed up for few seconds.

Guessing the AGA bit didn't matter and code was looking for keyword MIDAN.

Funny the things you keep finding after all these years!
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retro maniac

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I totally forgot about this and to be honest I do not care about such functions. I'm just glad that game works on expanded A1200 (I really liked Team17 games, great examples how amiga action games should be). Anyway Assassin Special Edition in whdload readme mentions about fixed highscore saving
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The high score screen actually changes swearwords to less offensive ones as well.
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