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Capture avi with winuae

Hi all. I have recently known o use winuae.
Can somebody tell me how to capture an avi file from a game, using winuae ?

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This is very simple. I find it best to do AVI capturing in windowed mode, so as to gain better control over the frame size. Simply set up the emulator as you wish in the display area (lores on/off, normal/double scan). For non-lores capturing I recommend using a width of 720. For lores I recommend using a width of 352. If you're using normal scan choose a height of 240 for NTSC and 288 for PAL. If you're using double scan choose a height of 480 for NTSC and 576 for PAL. If you plan to put it on DVD I recommend using non-lores and normal scan, then you can use AviSynth to make full frames at a DVD-compliant resolution. If you're just making an AVI that you're going to encode to DivX, XviD, or other format intended for internet distribution, then I recommend using lores and non-double scan capturing. You then go to the "Output" section of the configuration, there you can set the output file, along with the audio and video codecs to be used (although for best quality I recommend using something like PCM audio and Huffyuv video, and compressing it later with Virtualdub, although this takes more hard drive space - this also helps to ensure the emulator will run close to realtime, which helps if you're recording yourself playing a game). You also click either PAL or NTSC to set the frame rate to 50 or 60. Then you click "AVIOutput enabled", make sure the rest of your setup is correct (ROM, RAM, CPU, DFx:, etc), and just hit start at the bottom. The emulator window will open, and you should see your hard drive churn away as it writes the AVI. You can stop the recording by either going to the output configuration and clicking "AVIOutput enabled" again, or by just quitting the emulator. In my experience with an external 120GB drive formatted as FAT32, I get a 0 byte file with the exact name I entered, and a sequence of files, each smaller than 2GB, with an underscore and a number appended to the filename - you can use AviSynth to join these together and then encode to AVI or feed to something like TMPGEnc for a DVD.
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