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Old 08 June 2015, 20:48   #1
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Anyone any joy with the KX light install?

I had an old x86 PC knocking around - so thought I would try the AF KX light install, which seems to install a Linux core and then AF on top.

I did send an email to AF, but perhaps I upset them as they not replied
Here is my email (with the screen shots as attachments).
Has anyone done this and got it working OK?

Hi Again.

Different question today!! I had a spare x86 machine lying around - so
thought I would install AF per this article
(having created the iso and burnt it to a DVD)
Didnt go well . First off I got this error (or very similar - cant recall
So I had to muddle through clearing out all old HDD structure and starting
again (you would have expected the install to have managed me through that
without bombing out)
Having got through that.. it then failed saying there were errors is copying
amiga files .. so never completed.
I know SFA about Linux - but I managed to find and look at the log file..
which reported lots of "vanished" files (see attached screen shot .. sorry
it from phone.. like I said - I know nothing about Linux and how to get it
piped out to text somewhere).
As an example .. if you look at the third entry from the bottom - I checked
on the DVD to see if the file was there or not... and it was, but had
special characters (as seen in windows)... so I wonder if that why it (and
other files) failed... may be due to code page differences between the linux
script and DVD ? I dont know.. but it was never going to work by the look of
things. Here is screen shot of that file on the DVD (as seen in windows).
You can also see from the time stamp - I not fiddled with it - those files
look to be exactly per the original Amiga Forever 2014 structure?

I know this feature is a bit experimental - but would you have expected it
to work? I cant think if what I might have done wrong.
Any ideas?

Thanks and best regards

P.S. the install did say it was going to check (via internet I guess - the
PC was connected at the time and it didnt say it failed) but said there was
no update to the install script avail.
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Name:	Capture.JPG
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Old 09 June 2015, 00:39   #2
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I installed it on 3 (or so) computers, each time without problems. (my latest af is 2012)
From your screenshots it looks like it can't read from cd.
Does the cd work when booting directly to workbench? type nothing on the bootprompt, just wait.
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Old 09 June 2015, 09:56   #3
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Yes - its boots fine if I just let it boot from the DVD.
If you look at the all the files that the log is complaining about - they ALL have some kind of special characters? which makes me suspicious (per my comment in my mail)
If your successful installs are all from 2012 -they wont be with AF 2014.
I thought this was a new, still experimental feature in 2014? Anyway, even if it was in earlier versions, I wonder if they changed the install script and introduced the error?

Thanks for your reply and best regards
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Old 09 June 2015, 18:22   #4
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Could be they screwed something, does the log contain other errors before the file read errors?
One other thing that comes to mind is that a wrong charset is used. Try to press F2 at the boot prompt for the help screen, you should be able to set it manually.

It should be something like:
afinstall lang=ch|cn|de|da|es|fr|it|nl|pl|ru|sk|tr|tw|us
(I'm not sure which of those languages are supported, or if afinstall support it at all)
Or try to change the language with one of those (but i don't think they can cause that)
afinstall keyboard==ch|cn|de|da|es|fr|it|nl|pl|ru|sk|tr|tw|us
afinstall xkeyboard==ch|cn|de|da|es|fr|it|nl|pl|ru|sk|tr|tw|us

BTW:The new feature is that you need to burn the cd yourself, in older AF's it was directly on the AF-plus CD. iirc it first appears 2004 (AF6). But if i understand it correctly you can now modify the setup, which was hard to do in the past.
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Old 10 June 2015, 22:05   #5
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I wonder? My system (the one I have AF installed on and burnt the DVD on) will be English (real English - not US English) and there is not an EN in the list of Languages - I wonder if that threw it, and got it confused.
I have reinstalled AROS on the spare PC and packed it away for now - but may be I will have another go when I get a chance.
(though I feel we are clutching at straws somewhat!! )
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Old 19 March 2017, 21:16   #6
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I came back to thi s- since I upgraded to AF 2016..
So I hoped they might have fixed.
Unfortunately - I got the same error.. (i.e. copy amiga file error), I have not checked to see if it exactly the same files.. but it is ominous.

Anyone else done this without issues?

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Old 20 March 2017, 07:16   #7
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AF 2016 creates a corrupt iso file. The last version I have that creates a useable iso is AF 2012. Cloanto knows about this and have had several emails from several different people about it and have done nothing. They can screw off from any more purchases from me in future until they sort this and themselves out!
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