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Old 11 March 2017, 15:44   #61
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Originally Posted by hipoonios View Post
I have now played it through. Game is rather short for a 3 disk game. The first level is the hardest because you start with a so weak weapon.
...and no images for HOL as yet?

Originally Posted by hipoonios View Post
- Graphics glitches if you choose music in menu (happens even on A500)
Yup, noticed this last night when I had a quick test.
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There is longplay on YouTube, I think everyone should try playing first, it's like better version of T-Racer.
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Old 12 March 2017, 02:15   #63
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Many thx cornishflipper for this rather nice shooter!
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Old 12 March 2017, 02:17   #64
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Originally Posted by DamienD View Post
...and no images for HOL as yet?
@hipoonios; I see that the HOL entry has been completed at roughly 3pm GMT today.

Well done our resident gaming ace and recently new HOL team member, you're doing a sterling job
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Old 12 March 2017, 19:41   #65
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Thank you, cornishflipper

another game saved. That's awesome.
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Old 14 March 2017, 17:55   #66
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[ Show youtube player ]

Download Link: http://www.flashtro.com/index.php?e=...aHTML5&id=4403
Note: The bonus missions between the levels can be skipped by pressing ESC.
File has been zoned as well! Enjoy!
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Old 14 March 2017, 18:40   #67
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Flashtro release

EDIT : Too slow
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Old 15 March 2017, 06:38   #68

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Very very good news. I remember when I read the review on The One, even though the overall mark wasn't very good (something around 65%), the screenshots really made me intrigued about the game.

Not very excited after watching the trailer of it, like Akira said, it seems to have most of the typical problems of european shmups, but I'll give it a try anyway at some point

Anyway, very good news, it's awesome when we can recover lost games like this

Just some commentary. I still, like Shatterhand, long for a proper, japanese-style-inspired shooter to come out for the Amiga one day, since it has nothing to do with the tech (we have more than enough to work with here), but about game design.
One day, my friend, when I'll be able to spend more than a month of vacation time coding for Amiga and I am more comfortable coding for it, something like this will surface........ one day.........
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Old 15 March 2017, 12:24   #69
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Some criticism, I believe it got poor reviews because the graphics look a bit cheap, digitised or something. Most of those digitised graphics did look terrible in 8/16 colors. Also too few colors if you take out the copper effect.
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Old 15 March 2017, 13:06   #70
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It's not only the graphics. The gameplay is very dull. Looks like a PD/homebrew game.
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Old 15 March 2017, 15:31   #71
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As I said and to be fair, this games takes after other successful Amiga shmup, mainly Project X, and how Project X was ever a success is beyond me, because it's a terrible game.

I don't think the game looks terrible, but surely the gameplay/game design aspect leaves a lot to be desired, but not entirely because of its own fault.
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