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Help with AmigaOs 3.9 in WinUAE?

Hi guys.

This is my first post here so firstly...Hi everyone!

I hope you dont mind me bugging you about some Amiga stuff.

I have a bit of a problem and am needing some help. I am about to build an Amiga 1200 again. I had one a while back and started upgrading it until one of the IC's died and I sold it off for spare parts. Just before the machine died I bought an AmigaOS 3.9 pack.

I'm now missing my old amiga so I'm going to build a new one. I've orders a kick 3.1 kit and a motherboard. I'm going to build a keyboard adaptor for an external keyboard and some other bits of hardware and I've found a cool site for buying hardware. Its all going to go into a tower case. Until I get my hardware I've been trying to setup the same system in winuae.

Now my problem is... I've raked out my old OS 3.9 disc and its knackered, its got some nasty scratches on it and isnt reading properly. I've managed to recover quite a bit of it through making iso's, extracting files etc. I've rebuilt a disc but its still not working. I'm looking for something like a directory structure showing what files go where on the disc. Does such a thing exist? I'd rather not fork out the cash for another pack unless I have to.

Cheers for any help you guys can give.
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Because you require a perfect copy of the 3.9 OS to install boing bag 1&2 you will need a physical disk.

Therefore as I don't have knoledge of tool that could extract the directory structure for you I hope another user can help

PM sent {personal message }
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Because you require a perfect copy of the 3.9 OS to install boing bag 1&2 you will need a physical disk.
You don't need a physical disk to install the boing bags.. You just need a directory which is accessible through the assign or volume name AmigaOS3.9: which has *all* files from the CD on it, especially the video and audio files.

@KeepGood: you should try to polish the CD to remove the scratches. There are special CD polishing pastes available in electronics shops, but simple tooth paste should do it, too.

There are even CD polishing machines available. Search Google for "CD repair".

See attachment for the directory structure of my OS3.9 CD.
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Thanks for the help guys.

Merry Xmas...I hope the big guy in the red suit has been nice to you!
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Hey, as you're in the UK you probably know of the product "Brasso" for cleaning er ... brass things. It's _excellent_ for cleaning scratched cd's/dvd's. Some Brasso, an old pair of 100% cotton underpants (preferably from Marks & Spencer), and some elbow grease will probably do the trick.

Remember to buff the disc up with some Pledge furniture polish afterwards. Mr Sheen is also a fine alternative.
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omg, I didnt think brasso existed anymore, I havent seen it in years lol.

Thanks for the tips, I've been giving the disc a good going over with no joy as yet, I'll keep at it though.

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iut should be possible to get a listing of "what goes where" with the DIR command done on the CD.......

something like "Dir cd0: all >ram:dirlist.txt" or the equivalent of the "all" optional to view all dirs.

and it redirects the output to (in this case) ram:dirlist.txt
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