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Originally Posted by DamienD View Post
Maybe, since you asked nicely

...should I also removed [Abandoned] from the thread title?
Good point, I tried changing the title myself (for this and UN Squadron hack) but it doesn't seem to have updated..
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...both thread titles updated accordingly

PM me if you need any further adjustments my friend.
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The untouchables is completely a new game with the amiga palette

amazing !
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I had a quick look at difficulty adjustments - I'll bump each alley in level 3 by 5 seconds, this looks easy to do.

Curiously it seems fairly easy to enable the other two men (eg you normally play as the bottom two but it seems like they had designed it originally to play as all four), though enabling it causes some graphical issues and probably other bugs so.. I guess I'll leave that. It is kind of cool being able to sacrifice one or two men and still be able to make it through..

As for level four, I just had some fun with making the baby cart not die when running into a wall. It was pretty funny seeing it plow through the fountain and grind on the staircase rails. Buuuttt it completely breaks the difficult of the level, so I'll leave four as is
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[ Show youtube player ]
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Originally Posted by s2325 View Post
[ Show youtube player ]
Eeek. Gun has been jumped! The interim release is not final but at this stage the only changes I'm planning is adding 5 seconds to each of the Level 3 alleys and enabling the F10 cheat by default.

I'll get the release finished and posted to earok.net whenever I can find an hour or two to finish it off..
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Well, it's over and done with. http://earok.net/game/untouchables-se
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VERY, VERY nice version of this game amazing!!!

only thing it needs now is a nice trainer (+6) or higher to give it a 102% rating!
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Originally Posted by earok View Post
Well now I feel really really stupid, heh.

I wasn't really able to do anything with the PNA version since it's not cracked to files, BUT I replaced the files on Galahad's version with those from the WHDLoad slave (asides from the executable of course) and now it appears to be playable all the way through (just skipping through with the cheat though).

I'm guessing that version was totally fine but the uploads on the FTP server (probably just disk 2) were corrupted when turned into an ADF.

Anyway, I've zoned that copy as a temporary INTERIM release - just in case anyone has problems with it. I might add two seconds to each of the level three scenes and make it so you don't have to type in "southamptongazette" to activate the cheat, but other than that it's basically done.

Damien, is there any chance I could get you to do one more playthrough just to check that it's working for everyone else too..? (I hope that's not too much hassle mate!)
Exactly the same problem with my Bart Vs The Space Mutants crack, somehow a file got corrupted and fucked up the release, glad to see its sorted as I spent quite a bit of time on that Untouchables crack to get it working
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New bug:
CACR error with whdload 18.5
Working with whdload 18.4
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Thanks for all the dedication in this game
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