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Stick out tongue Explaining classic Amigas to Comptia A+ certified idiots

More of a rant than anything... Had several of problems explaining to people with modern hardware (and a few "certified" people that would surprise me to discover the knew how to operate a light switch...) how the Amiga (68k/classic +ppc) works H/W wise.
Most recently, one person (who actually isn't too much an idiot, just unfamiliar with the system) was wondering why C= didn't call "Kickstart" firmware. (Term wasn't actually coined then). Also had people swearing up and down that there wasn't a true multi-tasking home system until x86 32-bit stuff came out (an argument most hard-core Ami users are pretty proficient with), and one in particular that mentioned anything in the late 80s was limited to 256 on screen colors (4096 color HAM modes didn't really sit well with him.. have to find an old ECS machine and prove this sometime).
Also had people freak out when I just turn the power off of the computer, without asking it permission first. Also wondering how much $$$ I stuck into a video card that can plug directly into an NTSC analog TV. And the "light show" that my 1260 puts on-screen when I turn on the machine has almost made a few people incontinent before they looked for a fire extinguisher...
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Had to look up on Comptia A+, but it seems to be like the MS certifications and those mainly show that you can fill out multiple choice tests, rather than having any kind of understanding about the matter at hand...

Let's just say that a lot of people that understand how to configure and keep PC networks and servers running miss out on the more basic knowledge about how a computer works
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A+ covers a broad area and is pretty much.for entry level helpdesk jobs. It was my first cert and to be honest I found it a bit basic. Then again, I've been stunned by the nonsense I've heard from people with IT degrees. Maybe its because I'm self taught as far as IT goes so I studied to know things, not purely to pass tests. I have a friend who teaches high school computing... the lack of what they teach the kids could make you weep. Never mind though... they can all use MS office! Anyway I'll stop before I launch into an epic rant

TCD has pretty much hit the nail on the head with the post above I must say.

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It sounds like they're thinking entirely in Windows PC terms. Windows 3.1 wasn't proper multitasking, only co-operatively multitasking. Windows NT came out in '93 and then of course Windows 95 for the average user.

Likewise VGA graphics only had 256 colours until SVGA in 1989.

It sounds like the problem is explaining to them the existence of computers other than "IBM compatible" PCs, and that what applies to PCs doesn't necessarily apply to anything else.
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Yeah, having studied for A+ myself, I found it rather lacking on most specifics. Doesn't really cover much that I don't know (except irq settings and such.. only because I would prefer a colonoscopy to dealing with that...)
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My A+ cert test was taken on Dos and Windows 3.1.
It's still valid.

(They changed this a few years ago where they now have a expiration date)

The bad part about the test is that I took mine in 1998, and they still had not updated it for 95.

A+ to me is a joke, and only useful if someone is trying to get started in the industry, it's a stepping stone that can get you your first entry level job.

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A+ is a joke, yeah. It's a test on your ability to remember multiple-choice answers, and bluff your way through a handful of simple essay questions.
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I find it amusing what actually constitutes an IT qualification these days
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I fear the days that are not too far away where I will have to be giving the job interviews myself and I have to weed through the ever growing stack of pancakes.

(Explanation: a friend of mine tends to call those not burdened by any kind of knowledge or understanding 'pancakes'. I like it!)
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