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Newbie Amiga programmer

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"mountable" .device

Is there a sample or example of source about .device files, more specifically a mountable one?

If not, how can i make a .device, which can be mounted and used? I would like to write a Linux/BSD-Amiga LPT FS, like parnet, but with the server is always the Linux/BSD on a PC and Amiga is the client.

The parallel communication is already working, i wrote a Linux command line tool and an Amiga LPT "server" for putting/getting files (dirlists), but i would like to make it more comfortable and system friendly, and do the controlling from the Amiga side.

I looked at parnet.device's sources, but i did not understand the whole (the handlers' source is not included in it); actually i would curious about which functions should i provide in the device for the AmigaOS and how (dunno, like file opening, directory listing, etc.).

Can anyone help me on this?
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A commented example in assembler is part of the 'ROM Kernal Reference Manual: Devices' (RKM Devices). This documentation is sold as part of the Developer CD. You may find the documents on the net, too.
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Toni Wilen
WinUAE developer
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You need filesystem handler. Device driver won't help. Any network or virtual device (like ram disk) requires custom filesystem handler implementation.

Unfortunately (at least I don't know any) "How to create skeleton filesystem handler" guide does not exist. Creating filesystem also requires very good knowledge of AmigaDOS internals.

You can check some opensource filesystems, for example AROS includes multiple open source filesystem handlers. UAE host directory access is also implemented with custom filesystem handler.
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Newbie Amiga programmer

Join Date: Jun 2012
Location: Front of my A500+
Age: 32
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Apollo: I already got that, but i am a beginner, the assembler version is a bit tough for a first; but thanks for the tip.

Toni: Yeah, i figured out it meanwhile, that i'll need a handler. Somebody sent me the source of the null-handler, but i'll check the AROS and UAE sources too, thanks.
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