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Originally Posted by zipper View Post
Keep pressed 10 seconds.
Pretty sure this doesn't work. If you really want to be safe, the machine should be powered off.
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Stellarx/X by Stellar/etc seems to be not preserved on the major sites, and very hard to find outside those sites. Someone has the Coronafile. OK, good to know, don't spread it.
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New alert!
A new trojan has appeared.
If you have downloaded a program called VProtect v1.0 that appeared on Aminet on 2020-04-30, please remove it as it is malicious and undetectable with VirusZ III and VT.
The program is now removed from the site!

Last edited by Crashdisk; 30 April 2020 at 14:29.
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Does it install a known bootblock virus? Or a new one? <shudder>
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The virus is similar to the XCopy bootblock (visually). It's basic but new. ...
| Bootblock                                                            |
|$0000|DOS.ê¢+R...p,y....Cú.¸p.N®þh,@"z.äN®ÿ: z.àp."<...@t.N®þz z.Ê"z.Ê|
|$0040|!I.. |..ï.#H..0<.PB~QÈÿü"z.ªp.r.N®ÿ."z.žAú.tp.N®ÿÄ |..î€$HCú..p.|
|$0080| ÙQÈÿüAù.ßð.!J.€Bh.ˆ1|ƒ..–r.NqQÈÿüQÉÿø!n.&.€Bh.ˆa..š,y....Cú.;N®|
|$00C0|ÿ  @ h..p.Nugraphics.library.ÿNO VIRUS ON BOOTBLOCK!  ÿdos.libra|
|$0100|ry.®..î...îP.à...âï...ÿþ.€.ù.‚.ù€.ÿþ.€..Œ.ÿþ....”.ÿþ.... .ÿþ.€.ù|
|$0280|3é...À.Î#é.$.À.Ð#é.(.À.Ô#é.,.À.Ø,y....3|....a..0J©. f...,y....3||
|$02C0|....a...J©. f..ì.¹......óòe..:Hç..IúþäKúýö&<.....ƒ.....œ.../QËÿø|
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downloaded .. and deleted...

thx !
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Old 30 April 2020, 23:40   #27

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Here's the VHT report on the last trojan discovered :


     ..........................  VIRUS HELP TEAM  ........................

     Hi All....                                              30 april 2020

     An new trojan has been found. It was shortly on Aminet, but have been
     removed now, by the admins.
     The trojan will install a bootblock virus, where you can read this:
     Here is some info about the trojan:
     Trojan name... : Jackal dropper
     Trojan file... : vprot10
     Trojan size... : 1884 bytes (packed with CrunchMania)
                    : 2284 bytes (unpacked)
     Trojan archive : vprot.lha
     Archive size.. : 4.322 bytes
     Archive info.. : * Small utility that stays in background and detects
                        any change on resident memory vectors. Very easy to
                        use. Just put VPROTECT in your startup-sequence file
                      * Doesn't work from Workbench.
                      * TIP: if you click both mouse buttons on VPROTECT
                        window it will scan resident memory vectors again. 
                        If nothing happends memory is ok.
                      * Not tested on KS higher than 1.3
                                                               Johan Jyllson

     When I testing the bootblock virus. Under Kickstart 2.0 and 3.1,  after
     I rebootet with the virus  in memory and booted  from the floppydisk, I
     did get  Checksum errors on the  both floppy  disk. If it is the virus,
     I'm not sure, but I tried it twice and got same error.

     At this time there are NO antivirus program  that will find this trojan
     or bootblock virus.
     Virus Help Team have been thinking about releasing the file from VirusZ
     III, from our own Amiga's.  We have made recognition for  many utility, 
     demo, and even  some new bootblock viruses  and a lot of other harmfull
     bootblocks  not known to any anti-virus programs.  If we release it you 
     can find it at our website under VirusZ III.
     It is not there yet, but keep looking.

     Thanks to CrashDisk for informing us about this trojan.

          __      Jan Andersen
     __  ///     ---------------
     \\\///      Virus Help Team
      \XX/        www.vht-dk.dk
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So, we still have asswipes creating viruses

Hope VHT release that file, would be nice to have an updated xvs.library that detects the many 'unknown bootblock' warnings that VirusZ III throws up!
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Old 01 May 2020, 19:06   #29
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I’d like to disassemble them care to share? Thx
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Old 02 May 2020, 16:29   #30
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New VirusZ file updated to detect Jackal

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Old 02 May 2020, 17:30   #31

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Unfortunately, this is not 100% functional because of VirusZ's signature registration method
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Old 02 May 2020, 17:32   #32
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In some ways it's nice to see that someone thinks the Amiga is important enough to bother making a virus...
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He may be on this forum to see comments on his work!
Come on, confess! ^^
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Old 03 May 2020, 01:01   #34
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Originally Posted by Crashdisk View Post
He may be on this forum to see comments on his work!
Come on, confess! ^^
That's what I was thinking too. They must be on one of the Amiga forums. Is that Jeremy/Corona supposed to be Jeremy/corban

I wonder if they are a native English speaker or they used English so they could shift the blame to another region?? If I did it, I would of had put it in German or French to shift the blame there.

I haven't seen that handle the Jackal before and the last Amiga Virus text I saw was in a russian ezine called x25 or in Phrack magazine. Janeway doesn't bring up much either
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