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Originally Posted by Master484 View Post
Maybe it's actually best to just upload the latest development version here, so here goes, the ADF + the source is in the post attachment.

good thanks

i will dig the source asap
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Here is an updated version again; the ADF is in the attachment. This version needs 1 MB of RAM.

Joystick to move, Fire to punch.
Numbers 1 and 2 : create enemies
Numbers 3 and 4 : switch between 25fps and 50fps
Numbers 8 and 9 : turn analytics ON-OFF

New things in this version:

Added BOB animation frames. Most frames are composed out of 2 parts to save RAM. But I tested this, and it's actually a little bit slower to make two smaller Blits than one larger one, even if the two smaller Blits added together are smaller than the one larger Blit.

So we lose a little bit in speed, but win in RAM usage. This multi-part system was not really needed for this demo, but I wanted to test it out, and I believe that in an actual full game we would need to split most of the characters to smaller parts if we wanted to fit all the frames to RAM.

You can now throw a punch by hitting Fire, and collisions are checked with all enemies. When an enemy is hit, a "damage frame" will be displayed.

The 25fps / 50fps switch has been added; press 3 and 4 to change the update rate.

When I tested this with Cycle Exact turned ON, at 50 fps there can be 3 BOBS + Player without slowdown, and at 25 fps we get about 8 BOBS + Player without slowdown.

And even when there are more than 10 BOBS on screen, at the 25 fps setting the update rate still remains playable.

If enemy AI and smaller objects would be added, then most likely a few BOBS would be "lost", leaving us maybe 5 BOBS + Player at a solid 25 fps frame rate. And this amount of action would be enough for a fairly good conversion.


So it seems that Blitz would surely be fast enough for a game like this, when using 8 color dual playfields. But, making the full game would still be a massive task; it would last many years, and would require good planning and lots of patience.

And I already have one huge project stuck in an unfinished state, and starting a second huge project wouldn't be wise. But I would imagine that a small beat'up could be quite easily built around this prototype, so I'll just leave it here, and if anyone wants to use the source code in their own projects, they're free to do so.
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Thanks for the source code. I have looked over it a bit, and I think I will build something with it.
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Streets of Rage to run properly on Amiga 500, I think the Sega Mega Drive version is way too high to achieve enjoyable gameplay conversion.
Better aim for the Game Gear version of the game, that is possible on Amiga 500 - [ Show youtube player ]

Stock Amiga 1200 can do Streets of Rage pretty good, compensating for the lack of sprites, PCM and the additional CPU power of the Mega Drive with the 68020/14 MHz and AGA. The Amiga 1200 is pretty capable of doing pixel perfect Sega Mega Drive ports like shown with Aladdin.

Streets of Rage V4 demo with additional music:
[ Show youtube player ]
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Man, Aladdin on the A1200 is *so far* of being a "Pixel-perfect" port......
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Has anyone seen this it's supposedly a Final Fight remake made in Amos


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Well that is interesting content
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