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Granted that FFPlay is a multi-player, but that doesn't mean it's fully compatible. The OP asked for programs that will play under Workbench 3.1 (and I would include 3.5 and now 3.1.4.(1) to that list..(excluding 3.9 for me). However, you'd have to discount the 68020 or 68030 as they're not fast enough unless the videos are very small in resolution and converted to Amiga animations....or plenty of VMEM or cache is applied. Unless using a newer 68030 in an A1200. Some programs compiled for zer040 or zer060 do work with other CPUs.

I wouldn't call FFPlay the only choice. It's meant for high end hardware, OR..really fast emulation as WinUAE or emulation under OS 4.1 with AmigaNG, so it's not an All-In-One CPU solution; unless emulated. It also requires a lot of RAM to run (5MB+ to run and display). Not exactly compatible with machines that aren't expanded.

It crashed with my A4000 CSPPC OS 4.1.1, so it's not very compatible with the built-in emulator, which is understandable. Thus, I'll retract that you probably will work with Amiga NG. Hehe.

Edit: What would really make things cool is for WinUAE in current form, with its CSPPC support (since Picasso96 is already there) ported to AmigaOne (NG). Then FFPlay and the others would work well. Maybe someone is already doing this? I don't check all the fora daily...

Edit 2: It seems it doesn't support H.264 video.. Still checking that.

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Originally Posted by AMIGASYSTEM View Post
Amp2 does not work on OS 3 68k, requires PowerPC board
works only GUI under AOS3 68k

the sources are in the attachment

is the only player video with 14bit audio on Paula without AHI
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If FFPlay doesn't work well for you or goes into crashed, it can suspend from other factors, for example from your system, to me FFPlay has never stopped and i use it a lot with many AudioVideo formats

FFPlay support H.264 video and many other Audio/Video formats watch my attached video
(H.264 tested video downloaded from HERE).

Of course you need to have a powerful Amiga or an emulator, but what's the point of using quality video with high resolutions on an Amiga 020/30, it would be just a penance or a real suicide, you have to look forward to a possible future of a more powerful Amiga.

FFPlay: VIdeo/Audio Test : https://drive.google.com/open?id=1o6...MkU8xhnXgS5_rn

N.B. The audio in the video is not of quality, the fault is of my old PC (DualCore) and of the recording program Video.

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Originally Posted by SKOLMAN_MWS View Post
works only GUI under AOS3 68k
I don't know which version you're talking about, the AMP2 68k that one tested by me requires PPC, see screenshot exhaustive

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