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Check this thread on ADA (Amiga Demoscene Archive)


One of the TBL coders has posted explaining the Techinical stuff, animation and stuff!

Also seems it resuires 50MB+ to run
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Old 11 November 2006, 14:14   #42
move.w #$4489,$dff07e
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After watching the vid a couple of times online I got around to running this on my A4000 this morning. Great demo - runs real nice Respect to Kalms & crew.

Needs a reboot after demo exits as it screwed my system a little, but that's ok
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Old 11 November 2006, 20:39   #43
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I just ran this on Winuae.

Very impressive. Just goes to show what could have been.
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Old 11 November 2006, 20:47   #44

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Old 12 November 2006, 15:29   #45

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Just watched it in youTube and that was cool. Now to see it properly!
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How could I miss this!

Great stuff! Amiga ruled all the PC stuff out! And hardware-wise, the Amiga was *obviously* inferior.

It's not about the capabilities of a machine, it's what you can squeeze out of it!! (e. g. Oxyron & Crest showed them big time in 2000 what the C64 CAN do when he's programmed the right way! (and DeeKay is at the pixels ))

Ah, and the music by Olof Gustafsson! Yes, THAT Olof Gustafsson aka Blaizer/TSL who did all those shiny tunes for the 21st Century Pinball trilogy!

One thing about Fairlight (et. al.) : is this meant as "fuckings to Fairlight" that they cause the Mech to smash in the Fairlight letters?

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Originally Posted by mr_0rga5m
The TBL one 'Starstruck' runs on 060. So beyond my A1200's capabilities, But you can download a video of it off ftp.scene.org

(The bird at the end is awesome)
Why do you say it's on ftp.scene.org and link to untergrund.net? Hehe you totally confused me :P
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Old 04 February 2007, 20:59   #48
Tik Gora :D

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er .. i dunno .. i blame it on the beer .. anyway it works dont it ? .. so in the words of Joe Dolce "Shaddap you face"
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