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Originally Posted by gizmomelb
hmm.. will have to have a think on that one... what pixel resolution/dpi were you scanning your magazines in at? I've had a major clean of my room and I can now get in here a lot easier and there's still more stuff to go/sell. I might look at scanning the mags myself (I've got to get back in scan mode, hey Galaxy?! ) and I can upload the PNGs or JPGs to you to PDF (if you want, or if you tell me the dimensions etc. I can PDF them myself as well).
They are done as 150dpi, non-colour pages are 8-bit greyscale, colour pages as 24-bit colour. They are about 30Mb per issue.

ACARs are fine to scan, nice and easy. Probably the main reason there aren't a lot (almost none) of Amiga magazines scanned are that they are all hard spines - so when you fold back pages to scan them it weakens the spine/wrecks the mag. Whereas all the early Spectrum/C64 magazines are all folded with staples - extremely easy to scan and almost no danger of wrecking the mag. Even though I'd love to digitally archive my Amiga Formats, CU Amigas, The One, ZERO, The Games Machine, COMPUTE! etc. - I really don't want to wreck them (though digitally archiving them makes more sense for the long term). Maybe I'll archive them when they're so old the glue gives way and pages fall out.
"Your Amiga" magazine (UK) used staples, no one has scanned them though :-(

Oh, also I know a guy who has the COMPLETE ACAR collection - I know he scans a lot of stuff, I'll see if he's scanned any ACARs and if he'll share. No way in hell he'd loan them out though, I'm sure of that.
Mmm, complete ACAR, cool... :-)

Yes if anyone wants to send me 150dpi scans for uploading that is even better than lending me the mags to scan...
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Dammit..I really need a scanner
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Originally Posted by Mr_Modem
Cool! I have a pretty large collection of DMZs from 91-92 so I can probably help out. Perhaps I scan some issues when I get time. Does anyone know a good program that speeds up the scanning process.
That would be much appreciated, I lost most of my DMZ mags back when we moved around a lot. I bought many of them in the years they were on sale here in Norway, it would be fun to read them again.
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I regrettably parted with the majority of my Amiga mags a few months back. Had most Amiga Formats, Amiga Power, CU Amiga and AUI. Great for nostalgic reasons but you can't hang onto em forever.

I kept the final editions of Miggy Format and CU tho.
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