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Floppy disk How to create a fresh CAPSimg file?

I have built the capsimg.so plugin to handle IPF / CAPS images. But how do I create a fresh image? In fact I'd like both DD and HD variants.

What I've done instead was to find an existing image (that wasn't very easy, even!) and re-format it. But that's clearly not the way to do it. Also, the image I found was DD (880/720 K) and I also want HD (1760 / 1440 K).

What do I want this for? Well I wanted to try if my messydisk.device (from MSH: ) works in UAE. And it seems it does! Which is nice.

I put a reconstructed history (imperfect, unfortunately) as a git repo at https://github.com/Rhialto/MSH/ .

Does anyone know how to make fresh CAPS images?
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You mean an empty ipf image ?
Pointless, but if you must you can use Keir's Disk-Utilities to convert an empty AmigaDOS adf to ipf.
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Floppy disk

Thanks, I'll have a look at that.

But it doesn't seem pointless to me :-) I want to format floppies in MSDOS format (DD and HD) and for that it makes sense to start with an unformatted disk (which is hopefully represented as a fairly small file).

Edited to add another thing:

I just discovered that I can just start with an ADF file, and then reformat it as MS-DOS disk. The test-img.sdf file then contains very recognizable MFM code

I tried to create a high density disk by simply starting with a twice-as-long .ADF file. I also set my floppy drives to high density
# 1 = 3.5" HD
uae_floppy0type = 1
uae_floppy1type = 1
uae_floppy2type = 1
uae_floppy3type = 1
This seemed to work, up to a point. After formatting in msdos format, the disk showed 1440 KB large. But when I started to fill it with files, I got read errors on my disk at around the half-full point. The root directory (which is at the start of the disk) was overwritten with what looked like one of my files. So something got confused in the emulation here. (MSH: is of course perfect ;-) I used it reliably for many years on my real Amigas.)

Oh, another thing: I have

writable_floppy_images = 1
in my configuration (and I properly do that, not incorrectly as before), then I can't reformat my ADF disk to MS-DOS format; I get a message which is not very informative:

MESSAGE: notify_user msg #0
WARNING: notify_user msg #0

but it probably means that what I'm trying to do doesn't fit into and ADF file.

If I try the same with an .ipf file, I still get all changes in the file FS-UAE/Save States/Test1/test-img1.sdf

How do I get rid of that? The Disk-Utilities don't seem to handle this .sdf file, and anyway I don't want to copy around TWO large files if I just want a fresh disk...

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