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Help! Video Toaster!

My Amiga 4000 has a video toaster board in it, but the software was not installed on the hard drive. I have the original disks and at least one disk is bad (disk 9). I can only get to installing the 9th disk, then it stops due to the bad disk. I have downloaded the floppy disk images and tried making a new disk 9, but it has 1761 blocks in the image and any blank disk I format only has 1758 blocks, so I can't fit the entire contents on a disk! UGH, it is so frustrating. Is there anyway around this?
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Search the EAB server there is version 4.3 on cd rom with install floppy there.
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I am also trying to install toaster.

I have an elderly friend who still uses video toaster for a TV program.

He has a working A 2000 with video toaster 2000 hardware.

He had an Amiga 4000 with a video toaster 4000, but the motherboard has failed on the Amiga.

I am trying to help him get the Video Toaster 4000 up and running on a spare Amiga 2000 so that he has a backup.

Like the original poster, I have floppies. They were actually still sealed, but the install failed around disk 22.

I downloaded the .nrg image for Toaster 4.3 as suggested above, but I can not seem to burn the disk.

I do not have nero, most of my newer computers are Mac.

The Amiga doesn't have a CD Rom drive, I have an external SCSI CDROM that might work, but I have never tried it with the Amiga.

I have successfully mounted the SCSI drive on my windows machine using WinUAE, but I still can not get to the install files for Toaster.

I am assuming that even if I could mount the CD in WinUAE, I would not be able to install the software since there is no Toaster hardware on the virtual machine.

Can someone please post an easy way to install toaster.

I have over 8 hours into this trying different hardware, and searching my brains out on the forums.

HDToolbox has not been able to recognize the physical hard drives, even if they show up in workbench. I get an error that the driver is not loaded.

If I can transfer the Toaster program directly to my working SCSI hard drive in WinUAE, that will suffice.

I would really appreciate some help, thanks!
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not a final solution, but some steps, which might help

about the nrg: try to convert the nrg to iso.
there is [ Show youtube player ] which may burn nrg on your mac (download link in video description) .
nrg2iso you may also find for windows.

toaster 4.3: you need the install floppy, if you're intended to install from the cdrom.

once you can mount the iso/nrg within winuae, just try the toaster installer.
i think it does not check for hardware - it just ask for the toaster version and the machine you are runiing ( 68000 / 68030 ... ).

for the scsi-cdrom - you need a scsi-controller, which is not part of a default a2000.

here is a HDToolBox howto. since kickstart 2.x (!?) you have to use: SCSI_DEVICE_NAME=scsi.device

some usefull videos: winuae and preparing hardfiles with FastFileSystem and PFS:

[ Show youtube player ]
[ Show youtube player ]

if the video talks about PFS3 you should use pfs3AIO - best filesystem for amiga, and works on any workbench/kickstart/cpu configuration.

if you manage to mount the scsi-harddisk, you may just copy the content of the toaster43 cdrom onto the HD, maybe into folder toaster43-install.
copy also the disk-image of the install-floppy onto your harddrive, so you can write it to real floppy on your a2000, using TSGUI, for example.

later on your a2000 you can assign the folder toaster43-install to the real cdrom-name:
assign TOASTER-CDROM43-TITLE: scsi-drive:toaster43-install
then start the toaster installer from floppy disk. ( chance is , it may fail, but it should work )

i'm not sure about the correct title of the cdrom, but someone else may help here - or you'll find out, once the cdrom is mounted in winuae

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If you have an Intel Mac then you can run Parallels and download the trial of Nero. Install Nero then you can burn the Toaster CD.
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since the program is on the cd, why use the floppy? O_o
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I ended up trying a lot of different things, but ultimately was able to burn the cd, and then use an old Mac scsi cd rom drive to read the CD.

Burning the CD was a bit of a challenge, I think I finally converted the format and burned it on my mac. I was able to install the CDASIM, found the adf and made a floppy to install the driver.

Today I would probably use the Gotek floppy emulator if I didn't have another way to get large files to my Amiga.
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Thats why I bought a Deneb. I copy files using a USB flash drive from my Macbook pro running WinUAE then stick the USB flash drive in my Deneb and copy the files to my Amiga. No more burning CD's
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