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AWeb APL sources?

I'm determined to get my A500 to surf the web and I'm so damned close with AWeb APL Lite 3.5, but it's not storing cookies properly. From what I can tell, it's been open sourced, under its own "APL" licence, so I figured why not have a go at fixing it. Unfortunately the site hosting the source has disappeared off the net, and the Wayback Machine hasn't cached the downloads part of the site.

Does anyone know if the project is hosted elsewhere, or if the source is available at least? I'm currently using a build for 68000 I found on aminet (executable only), ideally I'd get hold of the source for that. No other browser I've found works on the 68000 (68020 seems to be the minimum).
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Andy Broad (broadblues on Amigaworld.net) has been the de facto maintainer and responsible for the latest updates for the AmigaOS classic and AmigaOS 4. The source for AWeb 3.5.11 appears to be in the following archive on OS4Depot.


It is not easy to build though. It needs several "fixed" AmigaOS includes (from the AmigaOS 3.9 NDK) and several 3rd party SDKs which may not be easy to find anymore. It pretty much requires GCC now and likely certain versions at that. The build process also requires a fairly modern version of make but there are bugs in several of the more modern versions for the Amiga. I had it close to building using GCC 3.4.0 on my Amiga but there were some problems with the sources too (probably didn't like my version of GCC 3.4.0). Isn't the portability of (GC)C code awesome? Actually, the code used to compile with SAS/C and looked like it had support for vbcc as well. The following is the original source release.


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