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Question Useful tools for Workbench ?

Because I want to improve my "virtual" Amiga (WinUAE) I would like to know what tools you use on your system. I thinks tools that improve the OS, like shell replacement, new file request, xpk library, mui, dock,... and eventually where to find it (mostly on Aminet I suppose).

Thank you for your comment and help.
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MCP would be a good start
MUI - if you want some of the other stuff
VisualGUI (I think it's called this)

Erm.. Aminet would be the best place to go for this lot!
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MagicMenu is a MUST tool if you dont want to run
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From the top of my head, here's what runs on my workbench:

ttflib - to use wind*ws ttf fonts on HiRes P96 Workbench
janoedit - quick and easy text editor
directory opus 4.16 - the best filemanger ever? once you get into the configuration, it can serve to administer mounted PC drives more efficiently than any 'doze tool
aminet index + amiftp - for offline aminet shopping. excellent.
scout + snoopdos - system diagnosis tools
benchtrash - global trashcan for wb
simpleclock - sweet analog clock for wb
freewheel - great for UAE+wheelmouse. Makes wheel work on wb and apps
vinced - shell/cli replacement. C64 like fullscreen editor, me gusto mucho.
viruschecker II - free antivirus, a must-have if you plan to do anything with dubious ADFs on workbench.

OK thats all I can think of for now
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Hmmm dunno if this is any use

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Oh one more.

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wakeupbomb: it's exactly what I'm looking for, a list of useful tools, I use some of this tools on my really Amiga before but I'm not remember the name.

Lockrobster: directory opus it's a greet tools, I also use the windows version. For amiga Version 4.17pre14 it's available

For Scalos, I never try it, but what is the official web site, because apparently http://www.scalos.co.uk/ is down.
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Old 23 January 2003, 11:17   #8
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It is http://scalos.striatum.org/ but thats down as well.

Get it from

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Old 26 January 2003, 12:58   #9
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What about easy system eye-candy?

This thread is excellent because I can try out each of these recommended daily tools that SOMEONE has used and enjoyed in regular Amiga handling....

Along similar lines, what might be some preferred "decorative" applications? Anything along the lines of:

- MUI basic (runtime?) package
- favorite cursors, system fonts, backgrounds, icon packs?
- custom menu-building programs
- there was this one applet I remember that provided floating menus, a la Sun Workstation....

Nothing TOO difficult, if at all possible - I am a WindowBlinds-type user with only moderate nitty-gritty skills.
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Some progs I use...

PowerWB (shareware) - adds extra functionality to WB. I couldn't do without it. ESC key closes windows, for example. Cool.

BootManager - select one from multiple startup sequences with an F-key or mouse button press. Handy if you have multiple configs.

RndWbPix - random WB backdrops for screen + windows each boot.

All available from Aminet.

As for fonts, I recommend dropping Topaz and using Helvetica.
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Old 26 January 2003, 21:09   #11
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My favs:

Classaction - icon to drop any file on, and set up actions with. e.g. IFF file dropped opens a menu of view/edit (dpaint)/edit (image fx).

Tinymeter - button menus/submenus, kinda like a permanent start menu that sits anywhere on the screen, but can have more than one permanent 'category' button at any one time.

MultiCX - loads and loads of tweaks for various aspects of the WB GUI, built in screensaver, etc.

Edit: Pic illustrating Tinymeter, 'tis the entire column on the right of the screen.

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You mentioned Shell Replacement, and then I must mention KingCON. Grab it on aminet. If you know unix shells like bash you must know filename completion, this shell replacement got it and it makes it much faster working in shell.
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Thank's everybody for your help, I'll be away for a couple of month, so I can take time to try theres tools.
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