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Fred the Fop
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NTSC CD32 and PAL games

Hi. a freind of mine, a legendary C=64 game supplier, now wnats a CD32. He wants to know if a NTSC CD32 will play PAL games. I dunno, I told him to use Winuae but he's a hardware freak.
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It should be as compatible as a NTSC A1200 shouldn't it?
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It will play them just fine, but you will not be able to interact and play the programs as the screen image will roll and be scrambled due to your NTSC display not able to handle PAL (unless you have a TV capable of viewing a PAL signal) OR you hook up the CD32 to a Amiga RGB Monitor, since they can handle PAL.
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It goes well beyond that, some games will just not run when facing NTSC timing. It's not a matter of having your TV displaying PAL as well...

Besides, NTSC CD32s display 50Hz NTSC instead of real 50Hz PAL when playing in a "PAL mode". The color system is STIL NTSC. So you need a TV that supports 50Hz NTSC (not all of them do, I even had problems with professional projectors in demoparties)

I know, I have an NTSC A1200 and it's quite a bit incompatile with loads of shit.

I wouldn't purchase an NTSC CD32. It's not much extra money to get one from Europe. Let's keep in mind then you will need a TV that displays PAL or to conect the CD32 through RGB (needs modding)
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Shoot, i really like this console, but i want it in color, arghh. Guess i am gonna have to look for one of those old amiga monitors that someone mentioned to me a while ago.
Thanks for the replies.
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I replied to you in the other thread. Please read it.
The old monitor is not exactly the solution, because you would also have to MODIFY the CD32 for outputting the needed RGB signals for you not to worry about it being PAL, NTSC or whatever.

It's an easy mod, granted, since the CD32 is perfectly wired for RGB already, but you have to mod it anyway.
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