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This cat is no more
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Marble Madness & Lemmings in 1991. I already knew Marble Madness from the arcades and the conversion just amazed me.
I bought an amiga 2 months later and flunked the exams this same year
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Pretty sure it was Test Drive, followed soon after by Firepower and Faery Tale.
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Old 23 August 2008, 16:54   #323
He found it at the zoo..
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Gunship (original) by MicroProse, after having the C64 version the Miggy version was so much better it got me addicted to Miggy flight-sims!

BTW Big-Byte, your avatar is freakin' AWESOME!
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Old 25 August 2008, 19:00   #324
Big Bleeper
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I cant really remember properly as this was 1988 or 89 but the first games that I remember playing at my cousins place where POW (which made me dream of an amiga for myself!) Defender of the Crown, Ports of Call (ah yeah) BattleSquadron, Speedball, Marble Madness (which looked amazing)...

but what really really caught me was the scene, those demos and those cool tools... my cousin came from the C64 scene and was quite active so he knew all about it... he was the one who introduced me to the real thang! And in Germany the scene was so amazing at that time that I really wish I could timetravel...
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Old 25 August 2008, 20:45   #325
Its hard being famous!
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I'm pretty sure the first game I saw was SOTB2... the intro was simply stunning since all I had seen before then was the Commodore 16 and the Acorn Electron. I also saw DPaint and was impressed. It was due to the power of DPaint we bought an Amiga since my sister was an art student and wanted a computer to do her work on. I remember that I even did homework on it whilst I was at school - I used to use Imagine to render funky graphics to go into my essays!
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Old 26 August 2008, 01:29   #326
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retro maniac

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First game that I saw on amiga was Midnight Resistance (if I remember good) First game that I play on my own amiga was Alien Breed.
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Old 26 August 2008, 14:24   #328
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i remember seeing screenshots of both ghosts n goblins & r-type and the rest is history
unfortunately my history did not include owning an a500 after seeing the going for price i never bothered pester mom again!

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Amiga Games Historian
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Old 27 August 2008, 15:19   #330
I have a joystick

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"Cruncher Factory", a pacman clone.
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first game was either Blood Money (great intro hated the game) or Elite (loved this)
cant remember which was first though
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humble worm
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the first I saw was defender of the crown

the first I played was balck lamp

the first I really liked was wizball
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I think for me it was Marble Madness, IIRC. And Defender of the Crown.
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Originally Posted by Spirits247 View Post
What was the first game you ever experienced on an Amiga in person that really impressed you?

For me it was Blood Money. The intro totally blew me away, and just like Defender of the Crown made me buy an ST, this game pushed me into purchasing an Amiga.

Merv the Merciless, with its neighbours theme, aslo had a strong influence on my decision as well...............not.

I think the 1st game I played was "CarvUP" the one where your that red car looking like lighting mcqueen, and jumped girders etc.

The others were Lotus and Persian gulf inferno
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Alien Breeder
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Lotus Turbo Challenge II. Then Lemmings, Killing Gameshow and Beast. in parallel Startrekker v1.2... needless to say why I still love Amiga, I think.
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Old 30 August 2008, 13:34   #336
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Test Drive was the first Amiga game I ever witnessed/played on my friends Amiga 1000.
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Has the Amiga bug again
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Super Cars II on an A500 at some Danish friends house. Then Lotus and then IK+. All classics!
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Old 14 September 2008, 14:29   #338
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My friend said to me "You got to se my new computer!"... then I ran to his house...
My very first was (as many os you guys) Blood Money Intro.. then Shadow of the Beast I, and Lotus I, and Lemmings..
Omg... when I got home all I wanted was throw my MSX away
Old 14 September 2008, 20:13   #339
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It was Dragons Lair and Sword or Sodan for me. We bought them both with the Amiga 500 and I was totally blown away by dragons lair even though there wasnt much gameplay!
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Old 15 September 2008, 20:55   #340
cheeky scoundrel

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Omg... when I got home all I wanted was throw my MSX away
nooooooooooo. The Amiga and the MSX are both masterpieces in their own right. If you have either you should be damned happy. The MSX has some amazing games that Commodore systems have never seen.
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