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It's not meant as an antipiracy thing. It's simply a limitation of the software he is using. I wrote him about it when I had a couple of failed downloads that decremented the counter. He said to just let him know as I did and the guy running it for him will reset the counter.

FWIW the failed downloads weren't his fault or his software. I was trying to download on my phone which had an ad blocker installed that also blocks popups. When clicking on the download link it opens a new browser window like a lot of sites do. Pausing the ad blocker solved the problem which was entirely my fault.
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Originally Posted by Thomas Richter View Post
*Sigh*. "Software is worthless." P96 was a lot of work, by Tobias and Alex, and they have been paid off by Jens, so clearly, he wants his money back - and rightfully so. Can you please tell me why you consider a piece of software you need of such little value that you don't consider it to be worth of buying, for as little money as it is offered? Actually, can you give a reason why anyone should actually develop or maintain software on the Amiga with users having this attitude?
Maybe you misinterpreted me - I would never advocate for piracying, especially in a market as small as the Amiga. Please re-read my post, and you'll see what I mean. I was just criticising how such a system only inconveniences legit purchasers, since people who will want to pirate it will just find other ways to do so.

Originally Posted by robinsonb5 View Post
Just to be clear, because it might not be obvious from reading his post in isolation rather than in the context of the whole thread:
jbenam wasn't requesting that someone share P96 on Mega or a torrent site, or saying that somebody *should* do so - merely pointing out that the download limit system doesn't prevent anyone from doing this, so doesn't appear to be a very effective anti-piracy measure.
Cheers for correctly interpreting my badly formulated post.

Originally Posted by malko View Post

Even in the context of the whole thread it's not really obvious... So let's just say it was a bad formulation.
Yeah, the joys of not being a native speaker, I guess
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