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GVP A1230 Turbo+ Rom?

I'm attempting to setup WinUAE 4.2.0 to mimic my physical A1200 system, which includes a GVP A1230 Turbo+ and SCSI kit (mainly I care about mimicing the accel as I don't have anything atm hooked to the scsi). My question is, does WinUAE require an accelerator rom file for emulating it? And if so, where can I either download the rom, or run something on my real A1200 to create the needed rom file? I've tried googling but I just seem to find roms for the SCSI kit, and not the A1230 itself.

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Heya thea1ien,

Welcome to EAB

I believe that one of the "expansion_boot_roms.zip" archives that Toni uploads should contain what you're looking for. See here

Just grab the one with the latest date as it contains all previous files... unfortunately I can't tell you which one it is from work as I don't have access to FTPs... it will be one of the top 9 files listed though.

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Latest is that says "IVS Trumpcard". Just put that .zip file where your Kickstart ROMs are. No need to unzip. And press "Rescan ROMs" in WinUAE "Paths".

When setting accelerator set in "CPU and FPU" to 68030, also you can set MMU (or EC if your CPU is 68EC030) and FPU if your card comes with it.
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Emulating accelerator board without any special features or HD controller won't make much difference, main difference being possibly different memory locations and/or autoconfig boards and system information programs detecting it

Speed is unaffected.
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