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Originally Posted by gulliver View Post
The word "seems" is the apropiate term here.

Please notice that Loadmodule will never be capable of loading expansion.library, and in the 3.1.4 rom, you have expansion.library 45.4, which is indeed a new component. Everything else should load hopefully without issues.
Interesting, I had no idea expansion.library couldn't be loaded with LoadModule but indeed, it's still v37 when I check. I wonder if this could cause any issues but I guess it won't in my use case?
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Kickstart 3.1.4

Hello, I have purchased the Kickstart 3.1.4 software including the ROMs . Having trouble finding anyone to burn the ROMs onto chips. Does anyone know of anyone who can program the EEPROMS at all ?

Many thanks.
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I can burn AM27C400 EPROM now (A500, A600, A2000, A1200, A3000, A4000), got the hardware needed for the programmer, and did a couple of test runs.

Contact via PM if interested. PayPal OK, charging roughly USD $10 per EPROM (2pcs for A1200/A3000/A4000) with shipping included.

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A1200 8mb Ram

Hi all I have a AmiTek A1200 8mb RAM/FPU/Clock Expansion


How and what do I need to make kick.a1200.46.143 work.

Thank You
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Old 27 October 2018, 15:21   #45
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You will need the "hi" and "lo" ROMs for A1200 from the AmigaOS 3.1.4 release archive if you want it burned to EPROM.
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I wanted to support the labor that produced 3.1.4, and be 100% above board, but I actually bought two ROM/DISK kits (not shipping yet, who knows when), and one digital set to get started with... So, 3 kits for 2 Amiga 1200s.

Anyway, I took the ROM file and just tried to put it on my current setup with an A1233 (not N) accelerator. Previously I had used 'acatune maprom kick31.rom p". This freezes on 3.1.4. The p parameter is to patch it so it waits until the chipset is initialized before continuing to boot, and I guess it can't patch the new ROM as it hangs on the orange/brown screen. Removing the p allowed acatune to map the ROM and boot, but I got lots of error messages about not being able to find certain libraries, probably because it requires the 3.1.4 versions.

So, time to maybe get a new CF card and start with a fresh install.
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So why are there no RTB files for these ROMs? I think I asked before.
Can the makers of the ROM not make them and distribute them so people without a maprom-able expansion still be able to use it?

Someone with an 8MB Fast RAM expansion can easily use the new ROM via softkicking without much performance impact.
Like the guy above, Sandancer, he has the exact expansion I am thinking of. He should be able to softkick the ROM but without the RTB and PAT files, he can't.
Originally Posted by jayminer View Post
After trying to softkick using skick and other tools I finally got 3.1.4 running on my A600 with 2.0 rom by simply LoadModule:ing the entire thing I used romtool to extract everything from a 3.1 rom, and then took all the modules from the A600 modules-disk and replaced the ones that was updated, stuck everything in a directory and did a "LoadModule #?", seems to work just fine!
I never heard of this method, can anyone post a tutorial?
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You must have more than 2MB of ram for installing the resident files,
and modify a copy of the disk ModulesAxxxx_3.1.4.adf to make it bootable.
Try to read this...


or that :
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