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Maybe I should explain a little further:-

Although I had mentioned I no longer had the psd files, I should have mentioned that I still had the vectors, tiny error on my
part, but although I would like to spend 24 hours a day like you reading every single thread and scrutinising every new post on
EAB, I kinda lack the available time like so many others, so I tend to be a tad selective with what I look through.

Now back to my main point.

The vectors I have created, are plain white, no colours, no materials, the colours, materials etc, are added mainly through
Photoshop, so if I were to post what I have now, as jpg's, won't be very impressive and will be barely visible. These vectors are
like your fonts, where you can make them huge without losing the quality, but are only one colour.

Now, until I can recreate them properly, there's little point in posting those images here, hence the reason why I posted the low
quality jpg's of what I had done. Now, don't get me wrong, if the OP would like these vectors, or someone else, who can
attempt to recreate the colours/materials themselves, then they're welcome to use my vectors.

Just because I no longer have the original PSD files, doesn't mean I have lost the vectors too, it just means I can't, until I
recreate them, post them at the original sizes of 5000px+- wide in this thread, which i wouldn't do anyway, I'd scale them back
for people to be able to view them properly and enjoy. So either way it goes, I won't be posting high quality images here,
because for a forum, they are far too big.

Now, does this explain it all a little better for you TCD?

Now as an example of the sizes I am talking about, I wouldn't normally post something this big but I have done it just for you
TCD, this image below is roughly the same height as the original psd file I once owned, is re-coloured so it can be seen, and is only the 'P'
of Psygnosis. Yes, you will have to use ctrl - to view it properly. Of course, this wasn't photoshopped either, I had to use another program
to re-colour it so it can be seen, that wouldn't crash.

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Vector graphics are rather small and could be attached as a zip, but thank you for pointing that out. As a GM you should keep an eye on every thread btw. I merely read your statement here about the (vector) Psygnosis logo that KG posted and thought I ask if you have any other backups then those JPGs. I think it's all clear now and you didn't have to belittle me in the first reply since I kinda know what I'm talking about too
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Now now guys, chill your boots you're upsetting the kids
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Originally Posted by plasmatron View Post
Has someone ever made their own tshirts with old publisher logos? Is it very hard to find decent logos? [...]
You can find an alternative version of the KAIKO logo (http://kaikogames.com/kaiko_name.png) on their website. I was surprised they still exist and are active to this day (http://kaikogames.com/index.html).
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