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Eleventh Hour Games

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Are there any Amos Pro Programmers out there able to help me?

Hello all.

As a few of you know a friend and I have been updating an old P.D title that went by the name of Renegades. And so far it has gone well. The front end is pretty much done and the tilesets are nearly done so the maps can be updated.

What I am hoping to find is someone who is adept in Amos Pro, who has the time to spare, to help me in creating a 1 player option for the game.

Renegades was a strictly 2 player death match game, viewed from top-down and inspired by Alien Breed.

The code is already in the source for altering the screen for 1 player, what I hope for is someone who can help me create a simple 1 player version of this game.

I seem to remember an old game called Crackdown, where the players had to plant bombs on red X's dotted about the map before the timer ran out whilst avoiding/shooting enemies, I always thought this would be a mechanic that would be do-able give the existing code in Renegades, Renegades already has a timer function programmed into it, I am sure it wouldn't take much work to apply it to this mechanic, but then again, I am not a programmer.

I have a few other things I would love to add to the game by way of flashing lights, a few other doodads etc.

The reason I am asking this here is simple, the programmer is off the project permanently, he simply doesn't have the time to commit to creating this and I am left with either abandoning the FULL-update and releasing the game as a Death-Match only game, or adding a 1-2 player mode to a Crackdown style game.

I know this is a BIG ask but I am so so passionate about getting something made with what we have, I can't help it. I am no programmer, I simply draw/paint/make things pretty...and make levels.

Here's a video of Crackdown;
[ Show youtube player ]

Here's a video of me playing Renegades on my phone:
[ Show youtube player ]

Here's a Screenshot of the newer tilest as a full sized map:

I have the source code for Renegades and all files, I don't have the character editors so weapons probably can't be changed but I think this would be ok. I was hoping enemies could be added that are of the brain-less wander-the-corridoors cannon-fodder variety...

I appreciate any help on this, or advice in fact. I don't want to appear that I am asking wayyy too much although I probably am, I just want to use what framework exists already to create a game much better than it is currently, with a 1 player option!

Thankyou for reading and not laughing, well, reading at least.


Apologies for posting in the wrong place.

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Still an Amiga user
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Can anyone help here... there has been so much work put into the game it seems a shame to let the project slip away now....

A two player game only it may have to be LN...
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AMOS Extensions Developer
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I'm surprised that there has been (seemingly) little interest in helping LN. Last time he (or someone else) posted for AMOS help multiple users (including myself) offered to help.

LN, if noone pipes up over the next week I'll be glad to try and help you. (I am still in the middle of trying to finish my ASM demo, which was why I was hoping someone else was going to jump in and help...)

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