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What could have happened if AmigaOS went x86?

I know it's not going to happen. But I wonder what are the possibilities in your opinion?

What would happen if X1000 was an X86 mainboard and AmigaOS4 was converted to x86?

What would happen? Would it sell tens of thousands?
Would it be cheaper?
Would it be faster?
Would more people get interested in it?
Would it open new possibilities?
Would it allow easier ports of programs?
Would more software developers get interested in AmigaOS?

Is Bill Gates and or Amiga Inc. blackmailing people who want to convert AmigaOS to x86? Was this the case with Amithlon?
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Would it matter? Would I give a ****? Would you please stop asking so many questions?

Would I joke about this? Yes.
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AmigaOS for x86, with seamless UAE emulation integrated, would have been a fantastic hobby OS to run alongside windows dual boot. As a main and only system, I doubt it will ever be taken seriously.

If it had been done early enough, it may have even built up a following. But judging the fact that Linux can't even get anything more than a fraction of the desktop market, it wouldn't have made a huge difference. I'm waiting to see if the mighty Google can get their Linux desktop into a reasonable position, but will never use it myself.

Still, we do have AROS and the pre-configured pack aiming to do just that: http://www.icarosdesktop.org/ but it really needs to be able to run a port of open office, firefox and other great free software to be taken seriously.

The same people who will run the X1000 are the same hobby folk who got or may get a mini-mig. It's nice to see and play with something like that, but pretty useless compared to a modern computer. Even Apple abandoned propriety hardware.

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A categorical NO! to the first question and an equally categorical YEAH! to the rest.

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Originally Posted by rockersuke View Post
A categorical NO! to the first question and an equally categorical YEAH! to the rest.

what he said.
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