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Idea for new subforum - Highscores

I've been thinking lately, I want to play Pinball Dreams, for example, but I never find the motivation for it. I mean, it's not that much fun when you don't have anyone to compare your scores with. So, wouldn't a sub-forum dedicated to only highscores, with a well organized list over who's got what score on what game and such? Personally, my motivation for playing games that solely rely on scores would be much higher, and maybe the spirit of competition would liven up the place some too?

The reason it needs a new sub-forum and not just a single topic would be because it would be a mess if every score was in one place, and the discussion on said games would be a bit messy too, with a dozen games in one topic.
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I agree.

It doesn't have to be a time-run competition style thing like over at Lemon, but just a general high score forum which keeps track of any scores anyone wishes to submit over time.

As long as someone(s) is/are willing to mod it and keep it tidy I think it can work.
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Old 23 August 2006, 05:08   #3
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How would you stop people from cheating?
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Old 23 August 2006, 05:41   #4
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Had this discussion in RAG's forum.... pictures can easily be modified... the only safe way (can cheat this way too, but better) is recording.... but not everyone can record.. ans some only has an amiga and no pc.

So if you geta HS section... I guess it has to be about trust then when using pictures.
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Old 23 August 2006, 12:28   #5
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Well, uploading the game to the zone is one way to prove your score. Scores are usually saved on the games, no? Besides, you'd only need to prove it if there are some people who doesn't believe in it. It's gotta be accepted by the majority. No need to do it any more difficult than necessary.

Besides, we're mostly a friendly community here so why not just have some faith for a change?
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Old 23 August 2006, 14:28   #6
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I concur. It'll have to be based on trust because there is no way at all to prevent cheating short of video recording the entire game session and a bunch of people watching it very closely, or playing before witnesses in the first place. I don't think that's acceptable and it would still leave some (albeit not much) room for cheating anyways. Everything else can be modified fairly easily, requiring different degrees of technical expertise, but fairly easily nonetheless.

People can always provide as much proof as they want to back up their highscore claims, but it'll never be 100% certain. So the honor system is really the only way to go. I'm sure we know who's more or less trustworthy anyways.
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It is amazing, that today we can upload whole games just to check a high score!! 12 years ago I remember taking a whole day just to get on game!! Technology eh?
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Old 23 August 2006, 15:12   #8
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Another way of safeguarding against the untrustworthy is to make HS entries only available to members with a certain number of posts.

Im not talking thousands, or even hundreds, but just enough so you dont get any old chump signing up with a doctored shot to enter.

Just a thought.
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Old 28 August 2006, 19:44   #9
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Well someone should PM RCK and I think there should be 2 mods for the section.. any volunteers?
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