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Toni Wilen
WinUAE developer
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WinUAE 3.1.0

WinUAE 3.1.0 released. http://www.winuae.net/

New emulated expansion hardware:

SCSI controllers:
- A2090/A2090a (ST-506 not supported)
- AdSCSI Advantage 2000
- Archos ADD-500
- C-Ltd A1000/A2000
- GVP Series I (Three models)
- GVP Series II
- Expansion Systems DataFlyer 1200/4000 SCSI+
- HK-Computer Vector Falcon 8000
- J.Kommos A500
- Kupke Golem
- Masoboshi MC-702 (Incomplete)
- Microbotics StarDrive (Clock not emulated)
- Preferred Technologies Nexus
- Protar A500
- RocTec RocHard RH800C (SCSI+IDE)
- SupraDrive (All five models)

IDE controllers:
- AlfaPower/AT-BUS 508/2008/AlfaPower Plus
- M-Tec AT 500
- Masoboshi MC-302/MC-702 (Incomplete)
- RocTec RocHard RH800C

Accelerator boards:
- ACT Apollo 1240/1260
- DKB 1230/1240
- RCS Fusion Forty
- GVP A3001
- GVP A530
- GVP G-Force 030
- Kupke Golem 030 A500

Video port display adapters:
- Archos AVideo 12
- Archos AVideo 24 (Animation features not implemented)
- Black Belt Systems HAM-E and HAM-E Plus
- Newtronic Technologies Video DAC 18
- Impulse FireCracker 24

Miscellaneous expansions:
- Toccata Zorro II sound card
- Nordic Power v3.2 freezer cartridge
- Pro Access v2.17 freezer cartridge

New features:

- CD, CD32 FMV and Toccata audio are now optionally mixed with Paula audio stream. Sound sync is not lost even when emulation speed changes and sound is included with audio recording.
- Multiple SCSI/IDE expansion boards can be enabled at the same time.
- Floppy sound per-drive empty/disk inserted volume control.
- Added partial A1000 Velvet prototype support. Unfortunately currently no known Velvet boot disks exist.
- GUI Filter panel configurable overscan region blanking.
- Hardfile ATA and SCSI version configuration option.
- Fullscreen GUI option.
- If system has touch screen (Windows tablet for example), touching top of screen more than 2 seconds will open GUI.
- GUI Paths panel portable mode checkbox enabled.
- Configured but disconnected game controller is remembered.


- Custom chipset display emulation partially rewritten, many A1000 vs OCS vs ECS chipset undocumented edge cases are now fully emulated.
- AMAX ROM dongle emulation improved.
- CD and disk image volume label is shown in status message bar.
- CPU Idle feature rewritten, lower CPU usage.
- More reliable simultaneous on the fly media insertions/removals.
- Action Replay 2/3 emulation improved.
- Added 1/2, 1/4 and 1/8 filter panel "integer" scaling options.
- Audio master volume is now real master volume control. Paula, CD and AHI are sub-volume controls.
- Optionally disk saveimages can use same directory as parent image.
- More accurate 68000 bus/address error stack frame undocumented fields.

3.0 bugs fixed:

- Some CPU halted conditions caused emulator hang.
- Chip RAM/Slow RAM size change on the fly crash.
- Multiple other crash bugs fixed.

Other bugs fixed:

- Low level SCSI emulation fixes and updates.
- RTG mode screenshots in 16-bit host color depth mode had wrong colors.
- Real CD drive as emulated ATAPI or SCSI returned wrong last block.
- Graffiti corrupted display in non-AGA modes.
- Some programs had shifted display in some configurations (For example Gloom AGA, Worms Directors Cut title screens)
- Picasso IV graphics corruption in OS4 16-bit modes.
- Picasso IV mode switch out of bounds memory access crash (OS41FE).
- Serial port emulation lost characters in some situations.
- Branch FPU instructions didn't work in more accurate CPU modes.
- AVI recording audio/video sync problems fixed.
- Stuck key if "Mouse captured: emulation paused" was ticked.

And much more...

[Standard note: Bug reports in this thread will be ignored]
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Registered User
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Thanks for your work.
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Zone Friend

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Thank you Toni and thanks once again amilo3438.
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Great stuff Toni, thanks yet again for all your hard work
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Many Thanks
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Bit late to reply, but not to get the news out Lets spread this awesomeness that is Toni Wilen's WinUAE!
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Wow, a lot of new hardware emulation!
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Born again WinUAE user

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Again, so many enhancements and a major update! Thanks, Toni, for all your hard work and continued dedication to Amiga emulation.
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Many thanks
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Amiga 500 User
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Originally Posted by rare_j View Post
Thank you Toni and thanks once again amilo3438.
Thanks to all who in any way contributed !
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B14ck W01f
m68k all the way
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Thanks, Toni. You're a champ!
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Brilliant.. Where do you find the time in the day Toni.. It's like this is your job and you get paid for it
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Da Digger :)

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Thank you very much Toni, Amiga scene without you would be... well, it simply wouldn't be at all .
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CaptainM68K-SPS France
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Yes, thanks Toni for letting us have such a good emulator
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Thanks a lot for all the awesome work.

Its incredible to see how much continued development keeps being put in WinUAE.
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Thank you Toni for a wonderful and accurate emulator
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Thanks a lot, Toni!
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Thanks for your work.
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Italian Amiga Zealot

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Thanks for your incredible work, Toni
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