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Ernst Blofeld
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Enabling interrupts -> lockup?

So, I have this code, which is intended to enable copper interrupts:
KPrintF("a, %08lx 0x%04lx", custom, mask);
    custom->intreq = mask;
    custom->intena = INTF_SETCLR | INTF_INTEN | mask;
It outputs:
a, 00DFF000 0x0010
i.e. it never gets the the

Interrupts are happening, I can see them if I add KPrintFs to my level 3 interrupt handler, but my mainline code seems to have stalled.

I think I've taken over the system correctly.

I'm stumped at how to debug this. Any hints?


The interrupts that are happening are not mine, as I don't yet trigger any interrupts in my copper list...

Edit 2:

So, the interrupts I'm getting are VBLANKs,

static __attribute__((interrupt)) void HandleLevel3Interrupt(void) {
    KPrintF("L3 0x%04lx", custom->intreqr & custom->intenar);
Is outputting

L3 0x0020
But those interrupts should be disabled, my system takeover code includes:

    custom->intena = INTF_INTEN | INTF_ALL; // disable all interrupts
    custom->intreq = INTF_INTEN | INTF_ALL; // clear any interrupts that were pending
and I've just checked, that's putting 0x7FFF into both addresses.

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Total Chaos forever!

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The blitter generates thw same interrupt as the copper. I hope that helps your diagnostics.
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Old 19 November 2020, 22:54   #3
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1. order of operations matters
2. maybe the 3rd print is happening but it gets "interrupted" before it's finished (I don't know how exactly kprintf works)
3. clear corresponding intreq bit(s) in your interrupt handler, otherwise it will be perpetually called and lock up your main
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Old 20 November 2020, 09:54   #4
Ernst Blofeld
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Ok, I now know that I'm getting VERTB interrupts even though I've disabled them.

My interrupt handler looks like this:

static __attribute__((interrupt)) void HandleLevel3Interrupt(void) {
    if (custom->intreqr & custom->intenar & INTF_COPER) {

        custom->intreq = (UWORD) INTF_COPER; custom->intreq = (UWORD) INTF_COPER;

    if (custom->intreqr & custom->intenar & INTF_VERTB) {

        custom->intreq = (UWORD) INTF_VERTB; custom->intreq = (UWORD) INTF_VERTB;
And the output I'm seeing is:
The disassembled code for my interrupt disabling is:

move.w  #32767,dff09a
move.w  #32767,dff09c
(32767 is 0x7fff)

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Old 20 November 2020, 10:22   #5
Ernst Blofeld
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Ok, I understand now. My startup code calls LoadView(NULL), which re-enables the VERTB interrupt.

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mixing the OS with hardware banging is tricky

my code (in Bagman) calls LoadView/OwnBlitter then takes over the copperlist and all and never calls any OS routine ever...
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ex. demoscener "Bigmama"

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Originally Posted by Ernst Blofeld View Post
Ok, I understand now. My startup code calls LoadView, which re-enables the VERTB interrupt.
Perform your hardware-banging *after* doing OS stuff in startup, and the reverse when restoring
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