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Question Like Scorched Tanks

Posting on behalf of someone else: -

Well... I just thought a topic like this could be needed. =)

And I have a game I'll be looking for for ages, and noone knows the name.

-It's just like Scorched Tanks (choose-angle-and-strength-and-shoot-and-hit-oponent)
but instead of a montain landscape its in space and you have two ships, one at the left
of the screen and one at the right of the screen.

-Between these two ships is planets and black holes in different sizes wich you can
place on your own or just klick random and it will be done automatically.

-The planets and black holes have different gravity, depending on size (big = more)
and you have to use the gravity to bend the shot so that it zick-zack between the planets
and hit the other ship.

-If a shot hits a planet it's the other player's turn, but if it get stuck in a black hole it goes
round and round untill it gets to a speed where it can break loose of the black hole.
When this happends, you never know where the shot will go. It can hit you or the other
player, but most of the times it goes right out in space and its the other player's turn.

Well... Do you know the name of the game? I've searched for it since I lost the gamedisk on my A500 over 10 years ago!

If you can figure it out, I would be in dept to youforever!!!
But Idoubt you will...

He posted here if you wan't to reply back in the same place.
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Sounds like Gravity Wars.

I don't have an amiga shot or link on hand, but there's now a decent windows version that supports multiplayer over the net:


Edit: This is probably it:


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A similar game for PC http://www.warheads.net

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