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How many hard drives in WinUAE

I was setting up a hard drive to use in my a1200, I have a cf card thats full of games and I wanted to copy them using Dopus 4 but winuae kept booting to the empty drive. I tried changing the IDE between 0 and 1 but booting up with 2 drives attached made it boot to the empty drive. Why is this? is there a limitation in winuae that only supports 1 drive at a time? and if thats the case can an amiga 1200 with KS3.1 only boot with 1 drive attached? Ive got a backplate cf reader and on that cable there is a 2nd ide connector that I waht to stick a 20gb drive on. Is it doable?

On a side note how do I know when to switch the amiga off whith a spinning hard drive so that I dont damage the drive with a sudden power loss?
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Toni Wilen
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AmigaOS boots from drive that has highest boot priority, if equal priority: the one that comes first in harddrives panel. WinUAE does not override this.

Directory harddrives and plain partition hardfiles boot priority can be adjusted in Harddrives panel (-128 to 127). RDB hardfiles (and any real Amiga partitioned harddrive) has boot priorities stored in drive's partition table and can't be adjusted using WinUAE GUI.

Or keep both mouse buttons pressed when booting and select boot partition from early boot menu (KS 2.0+ only)

EDIT: total number of harddrives (partitions actually) supported in UAE is 30.
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Inwinuae i only selected the cf card as bootable, but the hdd was a clean drive. So having a 20gb drive and a cf should work in my 1200 (if i can get the maprom to work in my aca1221ec).

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