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Oldschool Introcoding

hi everyone,
i'm curious what tools where popular to code those damn cool cracktros? where freezing cartridges common? on c64 they were because of the included machine language monitor which gave you the ultimate control.
what's the best assembler on amiga? do you know any oldschool coding sources because i wonder if i'm able to use my 64'er assmbler knowledge on amiga too
nothing of importance: i just want to do a simple scroller to start with...
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Best to look in the coding board
- where I think this thread shall be moved
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DEVPAC assembler is the only thing you need apart from some books to learn assembly code.

Ive still got my original Devpac in pristine condition (It still has the price tag on it - £19-95) plus a few books too.
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do you mean DEVPACK from hisoft?
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I'll post issues 1-5 (there's one missing, dunno which one anymore) of The Source in the zone for you.
Welcome to The Source! You now gaze upon the first of many disks of knowledge
and demo coding skill! I'd like to take this time to thank all the people
who write demos, coding utilities, and maintain the various computer nets
for thier assistance in the compilation of this disk.

What is this?

The source is a combination of source code and coding utilities designed to
aid demo coders of all skill levels. The main goal is quality demos that
work on most, if not all, Amiga computers.
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this 'the source' package sounds very interesting...thanks dude!
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Wannabe asm coder ;)

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I think i've seen this on FuNet too... in /pub/amiga/programming/thesource/ to be exact
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Btw. a lot of those scene coders also used the SEKA Assembler that days
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Seka was cack...
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Old 05 October 2002, 16:26   #11
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It looks like funet is missing issue #7 of The Source. It's on the aminet: http://www.aminet.org/~aminet/dev/misc/TheSource7.lha

Theres also a similar mag called SHOAH.s:
From memory I think SHOAH.s is more concerned with helping beginners.
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I was in touch with that guy who made Shoah, and I learned a lot of useful stuff through him. My handle at the time was Kn0b (yeah yeah, I know), and I was going to help him with Dreamland, a UFO and such diskmag. I think Dreamland 1 is still on aminet (the gfx guy from Shoah did some superb stuff too), but afaik dreamland 2 never appeared...

Shoah is a good guide for beginners, indeed.
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Some web site I have into my bookmark talking about demo coding, not specific for Amiga (except the first) but with useful stuff.


Before I use Devpac to code my demos.
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