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some doubts on the rom (kickstart) management in rommgr.cpp

To begin with I apologize for my English, Italians do not only have problems with government spending but also with languages...

I think the best person to answer my questions is Tony

rom (kickstarts, extended kickstarts, cartridges, SCSI boot roms, arcadia roms, amiga forever keys, ecc...) are managed by the file rommgr.cpp which also contains rom checksums

1) some roms with checksum different from those in the file are still recognized as valid by WinUAE

freezer: Action Replay Mk I v1.50 (taken from Tosec set) has this checksum F82C4258, but the one reported in rommgr.cpp is D4CE0675,
how is it possible that the rom is recognized as correct?

the same strange thing happens with other roms: Action Replay Mk II v2.05, Action Replay Mk II v2.12, Action Replay Mk II v2.14, ecc...

2) how can be recognized Arcadia games and bios (no checksum is present in rommgr)? roms name is used (i try to change roms name and are no longer recognized)?

3) "Freezer: Action Cartridge Super IV Professional" is a built-in rom (is checksum is FFFFFFFF) or i need "Action Gear Cartridge v1.2 Super IV professional.ADF" or "Action Gear Cartridge v1.3 Super IV professional"?

4) How is it possible that the checksum of "A4091 SCSI boot ROM rev 40.9" is 00000000?

5) this is a rom definition taken from rommgr:

{ L"KS ROM v1.3 (A500,A1000,A2000)", 1, 3, 34, 5, L"A500\0A1000\0A2000\0", 262144, 6, 0, 0, ROMTYPE_KICK, 0, 0, L"315093-02", 0xc4f0f55f, 0x891E9A54, 0x7772FE0C, 0x6C19B610, 0xBAF8BC4E, 0xA7FCB785 }

can you help me understand the meaning of some parameters?

L"KS ROM v1.3 (A500,A1000,A2000)" is rom name in WINUAE
1 is main version
3 is sub version
34 is main revision
5 is sub revision
L"A500\0A1000\0A2000\0" is versions of amiga where it is used
262144 is size
6 is rom ID in HKEY_CURRENT_USER > Software > Arabuusimiehet > WinUAE > DetectedROMs
0 what is this?
0 what is this?
ROMTYPE_KICK (is romtype, can also be ROMTYPE_AR, ROMTYPE_ARCADIAGAME, ecc...)
0 what is this?
0 this can be 1 for Freezer Cartridges, 2 for Arcadia Games and 0 for others
L"315093-02" is physical rom serial
0xc4f0f55f is CRC32 of rom
0x891E9A54,0x7772FE0C,0x6C19B610,0xBAF8BC4E,0xA7FCB785 what are these other checksum?

thanks in advance for the answers!

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nobody can help me?
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Toni Wilen
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Oops, forgot to reply.

1: All common Action Replay II/III ROMs are not full dumps (first 4 bytes can't be dumped using software method). Checksum ignores those bytes.

2: Uses filenames only. Not worth the trouble to use checksums here because those rom files always use "mame standard".

3: There is no SuperIV ROM. It is loaded from disk. "ROM" is WinUAE-only hack.

4: There is no confirmed dump and it is not supported anyway.

5: They describe type of rom, 8-bit/16-bit, interleave type, if scrambed, etc.. Other fields are reserved or other "undefined" stuff..

First comes CRC32, then comes SHA1.
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